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Assisted Living San Jose – Stellar Senior Service

Published on 11 28, 2014 by in Blog
Elderly people need safety. They need a comfortable, cozy nest, a stylish, pretty environment where they have their favorite spots, where people care about them. Probably you are busy with your job and you cannot afford to invite your elderly people – like your parents or close relatives – to your home. Carlton Senior Living can address your problem. Carlton Senior [...]

Senior Care Pleasant Hill – Chateau Pleasant Hill

Published on 11 24, 2014 by in Blog
You love your parents and your aging relatives and their well-being is important for you. You want to make sure that they are safe, healthy and happy. You, a responsible person, seek the best lifestyle and best senior service for them. This is particularly true when they live with chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Chateau Pleasant Hill, Californ [...]

Assisted Living Elk Grove – Carlton Plaza Elk Grove

Published on 11 21, 2014 by in Blog
Do you live in California, and do you have aging parents or relatives? Do you want the best, safest, and most convenient senior service for your elderly people? Carlton Plaza of Elk Grove Assisted Living Elk Grove is the perfect place for your elderly loved ones. It offers stellar senior service. We are a supportive community, a senior center for independent living [...]

Senior Living Fremont – Carlton Senior Living

Published on 11 17, 2014 by in Blog
Nothing is better than knowing that your loved ones are happy and satisfied. If you have elderly parents or relatives, you certainly care about their well-being. You are looking for the best lifestyle suitable for them. They deserve a good, comfortable life for their old age. They deserve a warm, pleasant place that they can call home. They might want like-minded, nice [...]

Carlton Senior Living Communities – Ready for the Aging Nation

Published on 11 10, 2014 by in Blog
As the population of the United States grows older, the number of people who suffer from injuries is increasing. It is not easy for the elderly to be independent, even in a retirement community. The good news is that the management of Carlton and Chateau Senior Living Communities continues to look for ways to keep the residents comfortable and stress-free. They allow t [...]

Senior Living San Leandro – Professional Senior Care

Published on 11 07, 2014 by in Blog
Senior Living San Leandro - Carlton Plaza of San Leandro Are you considering excellent senior care and an Assisted Living facility for an aging family member? It is not an easy decision: your loved one’s well-being depends on it. Our Carlton Senior Living Communities are the best place available for senior citizens: it is well-equipped, safe, and pleasant. Carlton S [...]

Senior Living Fremont – Our Wonderful Community

Published on 11 03, 2014 by in Blog
As we grow older our need for a little more assistance in our day to day lives grows stronger as well. For many active seniors who want to retain their independence, the idea of a senior living community may bring about images that are not in tune with the reality. In fact, seniors who enjoy their independent lifestyles will find many advantages in the senior living co [...]

Assisted Living San Leandro – The Carlton Plaza

Published on 10 31, 2014 by in Blog
There is arguably nothing more important for seniors than keeping their independence. However, there does come a time when a little assistance in needed with the daily chores of life. That is where the Assisted Living Carlton Plaza Community at San Leandro comes in. We offer the day to day assistance that seniors need while they maintain their active, independent li [...]

Haunted Harvest Wine and Dine Event – Carlton Plaza Davis

Published on 10 29, 2014 by in Blog
HAUNTED HARVEST WINE AND DINE EVENT SEEKS TO SCARE UP SOME DELICIOUS FOOD Carlton Plaza of Davis will be hosting a Haunted Harvest Wine and Dine event on Wednesday, October 29, from 4 to 6 p.m.  The event will feature local wines paired with creative food prepared by Andrew Moret, the Culinary Institute of America-trained chef at Carlton Plaza of Davis.  RSVPs for t [...]

Assisted Living Fremont – The Carlton Plaza

Published on 10 27, 2014 by in Blog
Today, seniors are leading more active lifestyles than they ever have before. However, there does come a time when even the most active of us needs a little assistance with our daily living. This means finding a community of support that allows seniors to continue to enjoy their independence while getting the help they need with the daily chores of life. An assisted l [...]

Alzheimer’s Care San Leandro – The Carlton Plaza

Published on 10 24, 2014 by in Blog
For seniors there comes a time when a little assistance is much appreciated. However, there are some who need a little more care, especially when it comes to those who may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. At the Carlton Plaza San Leandro, the friendly, courteous staff is here to help seniors who suffer from these conditions with the support they nee [...]

Alzheimer’s Care Pleasant Hill – Contra Costa Assisted Living

Published on 10 20, 2014 by in Blog
For some seniors, the affliction of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia has curtailed their ability to lead an independent active lifestyle that they once enjoyed. However, at Contra Costa Center at Pleasant Hill, we offer the best in Memory Care services that meets the needs of those who need assistance in their daily lives while providing the most amount of independent [...]
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