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Magic Blankets- Carlton Plaza San Leandro

Published on 07 06, 2015 by in Blog
Like clock work, every Wednesday morning our Magic Blanket creators make their way to the Personal Expressions room to start or finish a magic blanket. Conversation ensues during the process "How about we donate to Oakland's Children's ICU unit this time?"  "Remember when we donated to George Marks Children's Hospice, and how grateful they were?". In a span of six months our residents can make up to seventy blankets, each fleece blanket is cut, tied and handled with a loving touch. Each is then washed, wrapped in Carlton ribbon, and attached with this magical message: This Magical Blanket is infused with love and healing powers. Hand created by the residents of the Carlton Plaza Retireme...

The Link Between A Lack Of Sleep And Dementia

Published on 07 01, 2015 by in Blog
A morning of grogginess is not the only thing that you could have to deal with because of a sleepless night. A recent study from the UC Berkeley’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab  reveal that having these sleepless nights might be providing the proteins that could give dementia easier access to your brain. Studies show that not having deep non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep could increase the likelihood of developing memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease. More about the study This study was published in Nature Neuroscience and found that beta-amyloid amasses in much higher concentrations in those who consistently suffer from poor sleep. This protein has long been considered a ...

Things You Didn’t Know About Assisted Living

Published on 06 24, 2015 by in Blog
Perhaps you have only recently started looking for an assisted care living facility for yourself or a loved one. This could mean that you do not know what the differences are or what you should be looking for. That is why we have come up with a brief summary of a few factors related to assisted living that you might not know about yet. There are varying levels of care – one size does not fit all It is important to remember that just because a facility is called “assisted living”; it does not mean that it offers the same levels of care as the next facility might. In fact, some offer a less-expensive option, but also cut costs where possible. Remember that not all assisted living commu...

In Remembrance of Ruby MacDonald

Published on 06 23, 2015 by in Blog
The MacDonald Family invites Mom’s/Ruby’s friends and relatives for a Remembrance of Ruby gathering on Sunday, July 12th, 3:00 PM. Mom shared her life with many people from near and far. Please join us in remembering her. The service will be held at the Pleasant Hill Senior Center located at 233 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill California...

Empowered Living – By Ruby MacDonald

Published on 06 23, 2015 by in Blog
This past month Carlton Senior Living lost the matriarch of our family, Ruby MacDonald, the spouse and partner of our Founder Tom MacDonald. Ruby was a beautiful woman who filled all of our lives with so much love and joy. If you ever met Ruby at an Annual Family BBQ or other Community event or read her monthly article in the Newsletter, , one thing would be apparent: Ruby cared deeply for each and every resident that became part of our family. Her words of wisdom and kindness uplifted our souls on a monthly basis, each and every article being a true reflection of her genuine spirit. In Ruby’s own words from her article, Joyous Spirits in September 2009: “The minute we meet someone...

Seniors Living Alone – Not Just Physical Dangers

Published on 06 17, 2015 by in Blog
When people are talking about the dangers that seniors face when living alone, they often focus on people neglecting to turn off the stove, or injuring themselves when they take a spill onto the floor. However, a new study finds that there is another danger that lurks for seniors living alone that most people do not take into consideration – loneliness. According to a recent study from UCSF researchers, the unpleasant feeling of emptiness or desolation can be especially debilitating to older adults and might lead to serious problems. In fact, it can lead to serious health problems and may even prove to be fatal. More about the study itself The research team took information from a nat...

Two Key Benefits Of Assisted Living Versus Unassisted Living

Published on 06 10, 2015 by in Blog
Even though the nursing home has been the conventional choice for long-term care for elderly citizens, it has since made way for newer, better alternatives. Assisted care options for example are able to offer numerous benefits over the traditional nursing home. Especially because of the powerful modern healthcare system, it is possible for people to enjoy their independence for much longer than previously believed possible. These are some of the key benefits that an assisted living community has for seniors. Increase the quality of life If elderly citizens want to increase their quality of life and self-efficacy, it is important that intervention be kept to a minimum. If people are able to...

Carlton Plaza of Sacramento Family BBQ 2015

Published on 06 04, 2015 by in Blog
It was a great party! The residents loved it and had so much fun. We have an awesome team in Sacramento!!  We wouldn't trade them for anything. The decorations were fantastic and the entertainment, both bands, the train and face painters were a big hit. The weather was perfect. It was a perfect night! ...

According to Study – Brain Trauma Hastens Dementia

Published on 06 03, 2015 by in Blog
There is something terrifying about the prospect of not knowing who your loved ones are anymore. There is something unsettling about not realizing where you live, despite the fact that you have lived there for decades already. However, for those living with dementia, that is just one of the terrible symptoms that they have to deal with in their daily lives. This is something that people want to avoid at all times, but a recent study finds that repetitive head injuries that may occur during military service and contact sports can lead to an increased likelihood of developing dementia and lead to worse symptoms of disease. The study itself According to the study, which is available in the...

6 Tips on How to Cope When Caring for a Loved One With Dementia

Published on 05 29, 2015 by in Blog
Guest post by Ben Lamm from www.senior-planning.com Although challenging, being able to care for your loved one with dementia can also be very rewarding. Understanding how to take care of yourself, while also properly coping with some of the problem behaviors that result from dementia, can help lessen your stress. Tip #1: Look Out for Yourself Taking care of yourself is vital if you want to be an effective caregiver. Eat well and make time for exercise, and never skip your regular medical appointments. Make some time for yourself, either by bringing in friends and family to give you a day off, or taking advantage of professional respite care services. It's important that you take reg...

Garden Tea Party – June 25th – Carlton Plaza San Leandro

Published on 05 28, 2015 by in Blog
Garden Tea Party Thursday, June 25th, 1:30pm Enjoy Tea & Snacks in the Courtyard with Beautiful Harp Music. Wear your best hat! Carlton Plaza San Leandro 1000 East 14th Street 510-636-0660 Please Call to RSVP...

Signature Wine Social – June 21st – Carlton Plaza San Leandro

Published on 05 28, 2015 by in Blog
Signature Wine Social Sunday, June 21st 4pm-5pm Join us for a selection of fine wines paired with cheese and crackers. Free event for Seniors. Carlton Plaza San Leandro 1000 East 14th Street 510-636-0660 Please Call to RSVP...
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