Costs and Affordability

Many Seniors Spend More Money Living Alone

Paying separately for utilities, groceries, home care, transportation and then the mortgage or rent,
often costs more than living at a senior community.

Please use the following tool to compare your current living costs with that of a
senior living lifestyle.

  Current Monthly Expenses Your Present Home Senior Living
1 Rent / Mortgage or Senior Living Fees $
2 Property Tax and Insurance Included
3 Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water, Sewer, Trash Removal) Included
4 Home or Renter's Insurance $
5 Telephone & Cable $
6 Weekly Housekeeping Included
7 Yard Care & Landscape Maintenance Included
8 24-Hour Security Included
9 Maintenance & Home Repairs Included
10 Transportation(Insurance, Gas, Registration, Repairs) Included
11 Laundry Services (Washer & Dryer) Included
12 Social, Cultural, Recreational Events Included
13 Three Meals Daily Included
14 Health and Wellness Forums, Classes and Programs Included
  Exercise Programs Included
  24-Hour Emergency Call Service Included
  Full-time Activities Staff Included
15 Subtotal $

  Potential Income from Sale of Home or Monthly Rental Income.

16 Net Cash Total From Sale of Home* Included
17 Invested at A Standard Market Rate, e.g. (line 15 X 6%) Included
18 Monthly Income from Home Sale Investment (line 16 divided by 12) Included
19 Total Current Monthly Expenses Plus Potential Income from Sale of Home (line 14 + line 17) vs. Senior Living Fees