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Carlton Senior Living Communities - Assisted Living Community Tour

Carlton Senior Apartments

Independence is something to be celebrated and it is promoted at CarltoCarlton Senior Living Communities - Independent livingn Senior Living. As a resident, you will be encouraged to exercise as much control over your day as you like. Choices abound — whether it involves your preference of apartment type, leisure activities or meal times and selections. You can capitalize on the free time and energy you’ll enjoy when you’re no longer constrained with the daily drudgery of keeping up a large home and surrounding property. However, you’ll also gain added peace of mind knowing staff is available 24 hours each day. Visit our “Find Senior Housing” page for a description of the exact services and amenities available at each Carlton and Chateau community. Read More

Carlton Senior Living Communities - Assisted Living Community Tour

Carlton Assisted Living

Carlton Senior Living . . . Taking assisted living to its highest level.Carlton Senior Living Communities

While the State of California licenses assisted living communities, to establish and ensure minimum standards, it allows each provider to determine the range and type of health-related care it will make available to its residents. Carlton Senior Living, from its inception, decided to offer the broadest spectrum of caregiver services allowable. This makes Carlton better able to meet wide-ranging resident care needs. At Carlton, we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional health-related and wellness care. Read More

Carlton Senior Living Communities - Assisted Living Community Tour

Carlton Memory Care

LiFE Dementia Memory Care – Letting Individuality Freely Exist
Carlton Senior Living Communities - Alzheimer's and Dementia CareMemory loss and cognitive impairment associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia present a unique set of care challenges for both seniors and their families. Many family members caring for senior loved ones who need memory care find that when the stress of daily care is removed, so is the tension. Loving relationships can be re-established and can flourish. Five CSL communities offer memory care in a separate, ensconced and secure area that includes a private courtyard. Entrances and exits utilize delayed egress and monitoring technology.These smaller, quaint environments are designed to provide superior care for seniors with dementia-related challenges.

Residents are able to enjoy LiFE – Letting Individuality Freely ExistTM – a person-centered approach to care which values all people as unique, recognizes individual viewpoints and honors the connection among us all. The program utilizes best practices in dementia care as well as state-of-the-art sensory integration and therapeutic treatment tools. Chateau Poet’s Corner in Pleasant Hill is Carlton’s only community dedicated to memory care. Other communities offering the LiFE program are Chateau III Pleasant Hill and the Carlton Plazas in San LeandroSan Jose and Sacramento. Read More

Carlton Senior Living Communities - Assisted Living Community Tour

Respite Stay

Life is unpredictable. Carlton Senior Living wants to take the stress out of theCarlton Senior Living Communities - Respite Resort Stay unforeseen need for senior care, which can often require an immediate response. We specialize in crisis management and boast a six-hour turn-around from inquiry to move-in. Our immediate solutions offer alternative to your family’s challenges. Respite Resort Stay works if you need care after a hospital stay or in the event of a family emergency. Even if your needs aren’t as pressing, Carlton Senior Living short-term care is a valued resource for seniors and their families. It can complement the vacation plans of a primary family caregiver or can be used as a ‘trial run’ for senior community living.

Respite Resort Stay features all the amenities of the Carlton lifestyle and can be tailored to suit the guest’s needs. Read More

Carlton Senior Living Communities - Assisted Living Community Tour

Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management is an important step in the overall care of many Carlton Senior Living Communities - Diabetes Managementseniors. Carlton Senior Living offers a complete care program designed to enhance health and well-being for those with Type 1 or 2 diabetes. Our Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) are ready to assist residents in their daily diabetes management plan. Read More