Senior Care Medication Management

December 6, 2013 by Jonita Dixon

senior-medicationDifferent senior care facilities have different ways of managing medical treatments of their residents. In some communities, senior care services such as administering emergency medication is only done by the staff or a contracted health care provider. In other situations such as serious health problems, family members will be contacted, and the patient will be discharged to seek specialized medical attention from a nursing home. Before entrusting an assisted living community with your aging loved one, find out how they handle medical emergencies and what their general medication policy is.

Generally, most congregate homes do not offer medical services, except the normal first aid services and medication for common ailments such as flu, headache, and such like. If your loved one is suffering from life threatening ailments such as stroke, cancer, heart diseases, and such like, it is better to take them to a medical center for treatment. In short, it is not advisable to take a sick person to a senior living community. A senior living or housing center is basically meant to assist seniors with activities of daily living and should not be taken to be a medical center. It is quite unrealistic to expect the staff at senior living communities to provide medical attention to residents when they are supposed to attend to others and help them with personal or housekeeping chores.  However, most senior living or housing centers provide memory care services.

What if my loved one needs special services?

If you think that your loved one needs more personalized care, you may pay extra money to have a paid companion who has the time and motivation to ensure that your loved one has the best possible senior care services. Likewise, if your loved one has problems like the Alzheimer’s disease, you have to take time to find the best service provider who has the skill and experience to handle such cases. If the facility does not have enough staff, it is probably the wrong place to take your loved ones.   For instance, a resident with dementia might want someone to just sit with them and hold their hands.

Do I need to know the staff handling my loved one?

You’ve got to know people will work directly with a family member in the assisted living community. Most of them are certified nursing assistants, aids, caregivers, and resident assistants. It is important to learn their names and establish a personal relationship with them. However, do not try to bribe them as most senior living communities discourage tipping of its staff. Essentially, what you want is your loved one to be treated with care. Before handing in your loved one, you have the right to know the qualification and experience of the people who will be handling your family member.

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Senior Care Medication Management
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