Senior Living- The Old need Presence and not Presents

February 21, 2013 by Jonita Dixon

Senior Living- The Old need Presence and not Presents

Pleasures Mean Very Little to the Elderly

Come holiday season and it is time to suddenly recollect the presence of elderly relatives in the family. A hurried search for suitable presents ensues and once these ‘expressions of love’ have been packed, stamped and dispatched to the aged relative, the person himself or herself is relegated to the far recesses of our memory once more. We know that aged peopled deserve better, deserve more from us. But who has the time or the inclination to offer up more than a few minutes shopping in their name? Truth is the elderly seek the solace, the explicit confirmation of our affection that our presence gives them. They have no use for presents for their material wants are far and few between.

Give your Aged Relatives the Comfort of Friendly Faces Surrounding them

It is not always practical or even possible for the younger members of the family to be in close proximity to their elderly dependents. At times, it may become difficult to even pay a visit to the parent or aged aunt or uncle during the holidays. However, it is very important to understand the feeling of isolation they deal with on a daily basis because this keeps us from dismissing their requests for visits outright.

Older Americans are often forced by physical limitations of their aged body to curb their outside activities, which mean that there may be days when they never come face to face with another human being. If the elderly relative belongs to a large family and is used to a house full of people, this can be especially difficult. A startling number of older people deeply yearn to see a friendly face simply because they are lonely and long for human company. The presence of a familiar person can give them happiness that no amount of material pleasures can.

Is Assisted Living the Solution?

As age robs the body of physical and mental abilities, it becomes necessary in many cases for the older relatives to move into an assisted living facility. Here, the aged person is not just safer because of the constant supervision by trained professionals, he/ she is also happier because of the constant presence of people around them. The team/ staff of ably managed assisted living facilities are highly trained in giving the elderly people the companionship they seek so desperately.

In fact, the mere presence of friendly people around them may encourage the aged person to stay cheerful and happy and keep him/ her from succumbing to the depression that plagues so many older people. Assisted living is, indeed, a good solution for your aged relatives if you want to have them surrounded by caring people because you are unable to stay close by or visit frequently.

Understanding that Nothing can Replace Family

Even if your old relatives are living comfortably in an excellent assisted living facility, you need to understand that nothing can truly replace family. It is important to schedule visits periodically and spend quality time with the aged relatives. Your presence tells them that they are not forgotten and that you still care about them. This holiday season, perhaps, you could make the time to deliver your presents yourself and assure your aged relatives that they still are very much in your thoughts and in your heart even if your job or your family keeps you away from them physically!

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