What to Expect in Assisted Living Community

November 15, 2013 by Jonita Dixon

assisted-living-communityAre you thinking of moving to an assisted living community? Perhaps you have a clear idea of what to expect there; perhaps you don’t have a clue. First of all, assisted living community provides some of the most needed elder care options for senior citizens. In other words, a retirement resident facility provides an environment that encourages a person’s autonomy and independence, privacy, dignity, safety, while providing the fun. It also emphasizes family and social cohesion where adults can mingle and share experiences with their age mates. If there is any place that provides a great environment for the elderly, it is an assisted living community. While in the community, residents should expect to be treated in a certain way and access assistance on daily living activities such as dressing, walking around, laundry, taking care of the house, and many other tasks that the elderly may have difficulties dealing with. Whether you are thinking of joining a senior residence community or you are already there, it is good to know what to expect.

Senior Resident Rights you should expect in Assisted Living facilities

Generally, you should expect to be treated with dignity in your time at a senior residence community. The staff at assisted living community is trained to take care of the unique needs of the residents as well as treating them with respect. This includes privacy when you need it and autonomy so that you can be allowed to be independent. Retirement communities should allow the residents to practice their religion as they please. This includes allowing the residents to fail to practice any form of religion. That means; an assisted living community cannot force you to practice of fail to practice certain religion. If you are being neglected or abused at a retirement home, then that is a violation of your right. It is also worth noting that members of assisted living communities are at liberty to interact with one another without restrictions unless one member is a security threat to the rest, in which case, that particular member can be discharged or taken to a mental care home. Although full time medical services are not offered at such places, members have the right to receive medical attention when need arises. Generally, a nurse is a phone call away, and you can call at any time.

What an Assisted Living Community is not

Other rights of senior residents in senior apartments include control of personal finances and retention and use of personal properties. However, in most senior homes, you will be discharged if you have financial difficulties. Other things like serious cognitive impairment like dementia and behavioral disorders such as wandering away may lead to one being discharged.  Many people assume that senior services involve taking care of everything including serious health issues. Maybe people should look at assisted living centers as where people are assisted to live easier life, not where people are treated.

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What to Expect in Assisted Living Community
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