Deciding to live in an independent, senior living community is a smart option for those who can still handle day-to-day tasks but who want the added benefits offered by Carlton Senior Living, such as maintenance-free living, social interaction, and peace of mind. However, some people are not sure if this is a move that is right for them. If an individual feels like this, getting to know more about Carlton Senior Livingcan be helpful.

Keep reading to learn more about independent living at Carlton Senior Living and how a senior living community offers an excellent option for people who are 65 years of age or more. Knowing what Carlton  provides will help ensure a person decides if this is where they want to be.

1. Maintenance-Free Living

When someone chooses to move into a Carlton senior living community, they will discover there are many housing options to choose from. While this is true, there is something common with each of these options – they require no maintenance or upkeep by the tenant. At the Carlton independent living communities, an individual does not have to worry about handling the chores related to typical homeownership. There are maintenance and housekeeping employees who are ready to handle all these tasks, allowing the resident to focus on other parts of their life, particularly the more enjoyable ones.

Some of the specific maintenance-free perks offered by Carlton include full-time maintenance and access to 24/7 repairs, exterior and interior maintenance throughout the community, no expensive maintenance bills, easy scheduling. This ensures that each resident receives the services they need.

2. All Inclusive Rent

In the past, independent living meant an array of different bills for every aspect of the home. Today, though, Carlton provides everything in a single payment. This includes the rent, utilities, and garbage service. This makes it easier than ever before for those living in the communities to keep track of their financial situation.

The total cost related to moving into a Carlton senior living community can be financially beneficial. This is especially the case if someone is downsizing from their existing home. An independent living community can help reduce a person’s monthly spending.

3. Proper Nutrition

For many seniors, one of the main issues is getting the proper nutrition. This includes the quality of the food and the ability to consume the needed nutrients.

If cooking is not an option, for any reason, seniors who reside at a Carlton senior living community have the option of dining in the full service dining room/restaurant where professional chefs prepare fresh foods each day. Besides making sure only high-quality ingredients are used, often from locally sourced produce, dietary needs like lower sodium dishes can also be met.

Many communities also hire dietitians who are focused on senior nutrition and who are a valuable resource. Their job is to make sure residents are eating a healthy diet. Some of the top services offered include full understanding of nutrition in certain foods, increasing a senior’s daily serving recommendations of nutrients and vitamins, selecting healthier items for seniors to keep cholesterol levels in check, and helping seniors know what a healthy plate looks like.

4. Private Living with a Built-in Community

Another benefit offered by Carlton Senior Living is achieving balance between privacy and being part of a senior living community. From being able to participate in several activities that occur in the community each day to eating meals with others and utilizing the exercise facilities, seniors are also able to use everything the community offers.

5. Social Interactions

Every state of a person’s life comes with unique challenges. As a person ages, the ability they have to make new friends may be more challenging than it seems. One of the main benefits of living in an independent living community is that seniors will be surrounded by other people who are in a similar stage of their life.

Even better, they do not have to worry about the added responsibilities like grocery shopping or upkeep for their home. Also, there is an entire team of employees who are dedicated to planning activities to do each day. Here at Carlton, it is also easy to connect with similar people and to reap the benefits offered by consistent social interactions.

Bonus Benefit: Freedom with Help

Many seniors want the freedom to do what they want and the sense of independence that comes with independent living. However, they may also need help from time to time. When help is needed, they want someone nearby. This is exactly what Carlton senior living communities offer. This means that individuals who live in these communities can have the best of both worlds.

Making the Most of Senior Living 

When it comes to moving to a Carlton Senior Living community, there are many factors to take in account. While this is true, these locations offer an array of benefits that are truly undeniable. Being informed and knowing what to consider are the best ways to ensure Carlton Senior Living meets all the needs that a senior has.