Carlton Senior Living is a winner in the 2019 McKnight’s Technology Awards!

This annual event recognizes providers who have harnessed technology to make life better for their residents. This is an extremely competitive contest, and to be selected as one of the few honorees is a notable accomplishment…… – Read More

Carlton Reduces Resident Falls by 31% with SafelyYou

Falls and fear of falling are often a big part of the decision for a resident and their family to choose assisted living. In assisted living, a care team can support making sure the right protections are in place, and if anything does happen, trained personnel are there to help….. – Read More

Luther Burbank Center And The Santa Rosa Symphony Announce The 2019 – 2020 Symphony Pops Series

Today, Luther Burbank Center for the Arts (LBC) and the Santa Rosa Symphony announced the lineup for the 2019-20 Carlton Senior Living Symphony Pops Series, to be presented in the Ruth Finley Person Theater at Luther Burbank Center for the Arts (50 Mark West Springs Road in Santa Rosa)…. – Read More

RiseUp Project to Hold Groundbreaking on December 10th

On December 10th, 2018 at 11am at 15 Brighton Court, Lot 7, southeastern corner of Old Redwood Hwy and Mark West Springs. Rebuild NorthBay Foundation (RNBF) and Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County (HHSC) have partnered on a project to replace a mile of common fencing for two (2) subdivisions in the Larkfield and Mark West Springs areas—a region devastated in the firestorms of 2017…. – Read More

Carlton Senior Living Receives Approval on New $30 Million Senior Community North of Santa Rosa

The Sonoma County Board of Zoning Adjustments has approved plans by Carlton Senior Living LLC to build a new senior living complex in Sonoma County, just north of Santa Rosa. The Concord, California-based owner and operator of 11 existing Northern California senior living communities expects to break ground soon on 134 rental apartments – including independent living, assisted living and memory care options… – Read More

Carlton Acquires Prime Santa Rosa Site for New Community

CONCORD, CA – Carlton Senior Living LLC, the Concord, Calif.-based owner and operator of 11 existing Northern California senior living communities, has agreed to buy a 3.68 acre site in Sonoma County, just north of Santa Rosa, for a new senior living complex… – Read More

Veteran Senior Care Executive to Lead Carlton Senior Living

David Coluzzi, a senior care executive with more than 26 years of industry experience, has joined Carlton Senior Living as president. The company owns and operates senior living communities in Fremont, San Leandro, San Jose, Concord, Pleasant Hill and the Sacramento region… – Read More

Young Entrepreneurs Move Into Senior Housing

Living in three different senior housing communities in one year is hardly typical. But then, either is Sameer Dhar, a 23-year old entrepreneur and product designer for older adults. He and his 20 and 30-something colleagues were creating a sensor called Sensassure that attaches to an incontinence brief (a.k.a. adult diaper)… – Read More

Carlton Senior Living Wants to Built new Senior Facility in Larkfield

A Concord company has proposed building a $30-plus million senior assisted-living facility along Old Redwood Highway in Larkfield. Anticipating more growth in the local senior population, Carlton Senior Living has applied to Sonoma County to build a 142-unit complex next door to the Larkfield Shopping Center, about a block north of Mark West Springs Road… – Read More

Alice’s Embrace Envelops Alzheimer’s Patients With a Blanket of Comfort

For Alzheimer’s patients, it’s like getting a warm embrace. On a recent morning in Davis, about 35 seniors – all with varied degrees of dementia or Alzheimer’s – were treated to a handmade blanket or shawl from Alice’s Embrace, a nonprofit group that has delivered hundreds of them to memory care patients throughout California and other states… – Read More

New Incontinence Sensor Being Tested at Carlton Senior Living

A 23-year-old has founded a company that has created an incontinence sensor, which is being tested at Carlton Senior Living. Sensassure employees worked at the San Leandro facility to learn about managing incontinence in senior care, and used the feedback to create a design of a practical sensor… – Read More

Iron Chef Challenge Whets the Appetite for More

Things got hot at Carlton Senior Living on Wednesday as resident Chef Andrew Moret, foreground, took on Chef AJ Webb in an Iron Chef challenge. Chef AJ Webb of Black Pine Catering gets saucy Wednesday in the competition kitchen at Carlton Senior Living for the Iron Chef Challenge… – Read More

Carlton Senior Living in Northern California Names New President

Carlton Senior Living in Northern California has named David Coluzzi as president of the company, which is comprised of 11 independent and assisted living facilities as well as memory care communities. Before joining Carlton Senior Living, Coluzzi served as CEO of the Esquire Group, a senior living and apartment company with 1,200 units on seven properties in New Jersey… – Read More

Oak Grove Capital Arranges Loan for Fremont Facility

Oak Grove Capital has arranged a $14.7 million loan for the refinancing of Carlton Plaza Fremont, a 122-unit independent and assisted living community in California. It also offers respite care, and is one of eight California communities owned by Carlton Senior Living… – Read More

Carlton’s New Davis Community: Home, Sweet Senior Home

Davisite George Hinkle refers to two dates in his life with powerful distinction: Dec. 7, 1941, and March 22, 2014. His life, as he tells it, changed radically on both days. In one, he embarked on a path from being a young barber to an assistant military medic, earned the right for a free ride to college and launched his career in education… – Read More

Company Has Two New Senior-Living Campuses

Concord-based Carlton Senior Living has opened an upscale assisted-living facility in Elk Grove and begun construction of another in Davis. The company entered the Sacramento market in 2004 with Carlton Plaza on Fulton Avenue… – Read More

From the Carlton Senior Community Blog

Resident Spotlight - Jeannette MacDonald

Resident Spotlight - Jeannette MacDonald

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Jeannette MacDonald - Jeannette was born on July 8, 1938 in Glendale, California to Mary Louise and Malcolm MacDonald. She was raised in the town of Eagle Rock, in northeast Los Angeles. Jeannette has one brother, Malcom, who is two years younger than her. When they were children, they loved to run around barefoot in the foothills, “where there were snakes, ticks, and poison oak.” One of Jeannette’s most memorable moments from her childhood was learning to ride a horse. She began taking riding lessons when she was seven and she adored every opportunity she had to ride. She even had her own horse, Poof, for many years. The name “Poof” was inspired by a deodorant company at the time. Jeannette attended Eagle Rock High School, and she says, “I did not like high school. There were some parts that I liked, but generally, school was not for me.” Although both her parents were heavily into mathematics, Jeannette loved working with her hands. As an adult, Jeannette has lived in quite a few places outside California, including Alabama, New Hampshire, and West Pennsylvania. Living in New Hampshire was one of her favorite life experiences. She loved its interesting history and that its small size made traveling easy. She has traveled throughout the western states. Her favorite vacation was a trip to New Mexico and Arizona that she took with her son. They stopped to see the areas where the Navajo tribes lived. Jeannette spent two years in the U.S. Army with the Military Police. The Army Military Police (MP) serve as the Army's law enforcement and security specialists by patrolling Army installations and supporting Soldiers during operations. She met her former husband, Charles Guest, while she was in the service, and she reflects fondly that “those were the days.” Together she and Charles had three children: Cynthia, her late son William, and Edward, the youngest. Together they moved back to California and lived on her parents’ ranch. Charles’ job fell through in West Pennsylvania and Jeannette did not enjoy the dangers of living in the snow. Charles was able to find work in California, making it their new home. Jeannette also worked as a courier and a school bus driver. Throughout her life, Jeannette has had many pets, including a menagerie of cats, dogs, snakes, fish, chickens, a horse, and a pony. Her most memorable pet was a white, wolf-like dog named Blizzard. Before her son William passed away, Blizzard would always bark to wake him up in time for work, except on Sundays, which Blizzard knew was the day to rest and sleep in. Jeannette describes herself as, “stand-offish, grumpy, (she laughs), and happy.” She most admires former President Barack Obama, as he was, “a dang good president. He came in when things were bad and left at the best time.” Jeannette’s life philosophy is to, “live and let live.” She suggests that others, “enjoy life as much as you can with what you have. If you are able to do more, than fine, just don’t go knocking your head in and waste your own energy.” She enjoys hard rock, opera, and blues music and her favorite band is Deep Purple. She loves British mystery movies. She generally loves dinner and her favorite dessert is black bottom pie. Her favorite scent is a perfume called White Shoulders. Here at Carlton Senior Living Davis her favorite thing is the atmosphere, as the “people are very kind and helpful.” View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Ben Slade, Resident Liaison at Carlton Senior Living Davis     Read more

Baking Pumpkin Bread in Sacramento

Baking Pumpkin Bread in Sacramento

  Residents of Carlton Senior Living Sacramento enjoyed baking (and eating) this delicious Pumpkin Bread from Once Upon a Chef during a recent pumpkin-themed celebration. Everyone worked together to prepare the recipe and while it baked, residents painted festive pumpkins. The reward for their efforts was two perfect loaves of pumpkin bread which they shared with their Memory Care neighbors. Pictured here are our diligent bakers, Dot, Yuri and Fred.   Pumpkin Bread Recipe Servings: Makes 2 loaves Prep Time: 20 Minutes Cook Time: 65 Minutes Total Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes INGREDIENTS 2 cups all-purpose flour, spooned into measuring cup and leveled-off 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon ground cloves 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1-1/2 sticks (3/4 cup) unsalted butter, softened 2 cups sugar 2 large eggs 1 15-oz can 100% pure pumpkin (I use Libby's) INSTRUCTIONS Preheat the oven to 325°F and set an oven rack in the middle position. Generously grease two 8 x 4-inch loaf pans with butter and dust with flour (alternatively, use a baking spray with flour in it, such as Pam with Flour or Baker's Joy). In a medium bowl, combine the flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Whisk until well combined; set aside. In a large bowl of an electric mixer, beat the butter and sugar on medium speed until just blended. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Continue beating until very light and fluffy, a few minutes. Beat in the pumpkin. The mixture might look grainy and curdled at this point -- that's okay. Add the flour mixture and mix on low speed until combined. Turn the batter into the prepared pans, dividing evenly, and bake for 65 – 75 minutes, or until a cake tester inserted into the center comes out clean. Let the loaves cool in the pans for about 10 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely. Fresh out of the oven, the loaves have a deliciously crisp crust. If they last beyond a day, you can toast individual slices to get the same fresh-baked effect.   Visit Jenn Segel's "Once Upon a Chef" website for more tested and perfected recipes and to sign up for her weekly recipe newsletter: Check out more recipes for our Carlton communities.   Read more

Resident Spotlight - Ron Charles Willis

Resident Spotlight - Ron Charles Willis

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Ron Charles Willis. Every-so charming, Ron was born in Fresno, California and raised in Sacramento. He was married twice; first in 1961 for about 16 years, they had 2 kids together named Jennifer and Michael. Ron and his second wife Gerry, who recently passed, were married for 46 years. Ron has two stepchildren named Jennifer and Jeremy and has a total of 7 grandchildren. Ron had several careers over time: He was an ordained Southern Baptist minister, a senior staff member for the United States Congress, he was a lobbyist at George Washington University and a private lobbying consultant. He loved everything about the several roles he played in his life, especially being able to talk to legislators about bills and felt like he was making a difference for the people. He once spent five years on a bill, trying to persuade legislators for assistance. Ron has traveled to many countries around the world. He fell in love with Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Out of all the traveling destinations, his favorite is Vietnam. He thought it was so beautiful, especially the old buildings that are still standing, considering that most of the old buildings were wiped out by the bombings. Ron’s hobbies are writing, music, and, of course, as many know already, dancing. He once wrote a book called “A View from the Streets” that was about his time going after runaways in Haight-Ashbury. Ron also wrote song lyrics for a dear friend of his. The best ways to describe Ron are deep, critical thinker, existential, and honest. Some advice from Ron to new residents is to celebrate your life to the fullest, enjoy being in the present, and don’t be shy. There is plenty to do at Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove; it is just a matter of choosing what you like to do. Ron’s favorite thing at Carlton is everything! Ron enjoys the music, dancing, and wine. Most importantly, he is relieved because he doesn’t have to worry about so much and his family is happy. He loves the social environment, joyful staff, and the friendly residents. View additional Resident Spotlight articles.   Read more

2019 Innovator of the Year Bronze Award Recipient

2019 Innovator of the Year Bronze Award Recipient

The 2019 McKnight’s Technology Awards competition endeavors to acknowledge contributors in the Senior Living industry who have employed technology in the effort to increase the quality of life for their residents. All entries for this extremely competitive contest were judged by an independent panel of senior living and skilled nursing experts. To be chosen as one of the honorees is both a notable accomplishment and feat in advancing the knowledge and utilization of technology in Senior Living. Carlton Senior Living is honored to be presented with the prestigious Bronze Award for Innovator of the Year in the 2019 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards competition. We are recognized as Innovator of the Year for the pioneering technology surrounding the SafelyYou program, which allows senior communities to see often precisely what has happened when a fall has occurred in the apartment of a resident. Not only does the technology enable the community to determine the root cause of the fall, but it also supports our ability to act immediately, thus preventing a recurrence. Within the SafelyYou program, the embedded artificial intelligence only records and sends an alert when a fall has been detected with a high degree of certainty, mitigating privacy concerns, and maintaining the resident's confidentiality. The team at SafelyYou was an essential asset in helping to explain how these cameras would be installed, used, and how they would provide assurance for the resident's privacy. Throughout the installation process, the SafelyYou team ensured that they worked with our communities, as well as the participating families, to ensure that the installation did not disrupt our resident's daily lives. They prioritized that their work would not impact the quality of life of our residents and visits with family and friends. The creators of SafelyYou founded their focus on generating this technology based on the understanding of how falls can impact the individual, their diagnosis/disease progression, and how an unnecessary trip to the emergency room can affect this progression and, ultimately, the individual's quality of life. The partnership and commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents was a pivotal contributing factor for Carlton Senior Living to be the first to pilot the SafelyYou program on a larger scale company wide. The partnership that we at Carlton Senior Living have with SafelyYou and its program allow us the opportunity to be an integral part of this innovative technology, thus further supporting our resident's quality of life and our commitment to providing a person-centered care approach. This program has an extremely high participation rate by families with loved ones in memory care because they see the value. After the research study showed a 31% reduction in falls and 61% less likely to call EMS services, Carlton Senior Living decided to make the program available to all Memory Care residents. Most of our Carlton communities have a 90-100% opt-in rate from their resident's responsible parties to participate. With the integration of SafelyYou, we have seen great success with a reduction in emergency room visits and a reduction in resident falls/injuries related to these events. Fall prevention has been a topic of discussion for most residents and families throughout the transition to and progression of the aging process. Our company, others in the field, and those directly involved or impacted by the aging process have spent countless hours on interventions, preventative measures, and resources in the hopes of minimizing falls and the risks associated with them. SafelyYou and their real-time fall detection have provided us with the tools to successfully achieve this goal. By using video footage to detect a fall when it happens, it allows our employees as well as SafelyYou to analyze the data and determine causes, trends, and ultimately, what measures can be put in place to prevent fall re-occurrence. The immediate benefit of SafelyYou is that it allows us to determine how severe the fall is if the resident could have injured themselves and if they need to receive immediate medical attention prompting an emergency room visit. We understand that with a memory impairment diagnosis, the vulnerability for a resident will increase as the disease progresses.   At Carlton Senior Living, we have purposefully built our Memory Care communities with a focus on person-centered care. We are committed to love, honor, and provide for each resident to ensure they maintain the best quality of life and to prioritize their safety. Read more

Resident Spotlight - Dr. Bob Powell

Resident Spotlight - Dr. Bob Powell

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Dr. Bob Powell, DVM - Robert “Bob” Powell was born August 14, 1939 in Grass Valley, California, to Delbert and Alma Powell. He had two older brothers, Bill and Bud. Bob says that he remembers them all being close. He recalls “screwing around in their yard,” where they had their own baseball diamond. When he was a child Bob loved animals; he had dogs, pigeons, and cats. One of his favorite animals was Boots, the Border Collie, who was born one year before him. He gave Bob a sense of safety. “When Boots was around, no one would pick on me… If a kid acted up and Boots was around, Boots would nail them.” Bob has lived in Grass Valley, Sacramento, and Davis. Bob attended C.K. McClatchy High School in Sacramento and has many good memories of his time there. One of Bob’s favorite things in high school was running track. He says his favorite thing about it was the finish line. He had the opportunity to be one of ten people to run hurdles in the California State Track Meet. There is a good possibility, he says, that he “was the third-fastest high school runner in the state. Maybe there is a little imagination to that, but I was pretty good.” He graduated from high school in 1957. After he graduated Bob went straight on to continue his education. He first attended and graduated from Sacramento City (Junior) College. He was then accepted to U.C. Davis. Bob put himself through all seven years of school. He said he, “always had a job and piled up some debt to go to school.” He graduated from UCD in 1964. During and after college, Bob worked in Sacramento for Dr. Robert Mueller, DVM, for roughly seven years. Bob greatly admires Dr. Mueller, who was like a mentor to him. During his time with Dr. Mueller he paid off his college loans (early!). Following his time at that clinic, Bob took out a loan and purchased a lot in Sacramento near Broadway and Riverside where he designed and built an animal hospital. With no clients, he and Gail opened one of the first “cats only” veterinarian clinics in Sacramento (and the country). At only thirty-one years old Bob would treat his clients with the utmost respect. His daughter Terri said, “he was always the last to raise his prices, and if there was an elderly person who could not afford the prices, he would not charge them.” Taking care of animals, and ensuring they have a healthy life, is vital to Bob. Even in now, in his 80s he wants to open another clinic, “I opened a clinic when I was younger, and I’ll open one in my 80s!” There have been two previous marriages in Bob’s life. One to a Gail Loraine and the other Barbara K. Although he is no longer married to either woman, he is still close with both. Bob has two children, Terri, born in 1958, and Brian, born in 1964. He has four grandchildren: Alex, Jenna, Sam and Ben. He recently got a rescue cat, Mari, who enjoys spending time with Bob in his room and keeping him company. When asked about his favorite life experiences, Bob responded with, “in eighty years I have had many favorite life experiences!” He owns a condo in Maui and spent many trips vacationing there, he loved walking on the beach and hopes one day to return. He also enjoyed a visit to Japan. His favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream and his favorite meal is a Cornish pasty. As a child his mother would make pasties for dinner and there are still a few places in Grass Valley that have good recipes. Bob’s favorite thing about living at Carlton is the food. He absolutely loves the food here and has never had one complaint. There was one evening where we had a lobster feed; this was his favorite experience so far. Bob believes he has a good sense of humor. There is a decent possibility he “has an I.Q. of 250”, he is pretty sure that “in all phases of life I have known a lot of smart people, and I think I’m pretty smart, too. But who knows? Maybe I’m bragging.” Bob would like to be remembered as a good veterinarian, Christian, and father. He also wants to be remembered for his honesty; he tries not to tell lies. Some advice he would like to pass on to others is, “be honest… that’s the biggie.” View additional Resident Spotlight articles. Written by Ben Slade, Resident Liaison at Carlton Senior Living Davis     Read more

Hands On with Carlton University

Hands On with Carlton University

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn." ~Benjamin Franklin At Carlton Senior Living we believe in our commitments to love, honor and provide for our residents and associates. Carlton University was established with the goal of offering a hands on approach for associates to have a chance to connect with one another, demonstrate skills and techniques learned and be able to reflect on this experience as a tool to enhance their professional engagement with residents. Currently, Carlton Senior Living is the only adult living in California hosting the required initial clinical caregiver training live as opposed to utilizing a computer based training program to both new and veteran associates. Led by Lindsey Flores, our Director of Staff Education and Development, our Carlton University Instructor team has grown in the recent year. We are thrilled to spotlight their team, who has taken the time to share their personal thoughts on the growth and success they have achieved, what it means to be a Carlton University instructor and what they recall as their WOW moment since starting in the role.   Let us take some time now to hear from the team themselves; Katheryn Winter, Micki Thao, Veronica Pavlakis, Kasie Wimmer, Sierra Penfold and Eric Demuth. Katheryn Winter shares that being a Carlton University instructor means that she gets to inspire staff everyday to put their BEST foot forward in upholding the commitments to love, honor and provide for our residents and each other. She has the opportunity to teach them new tools and techniques to use in the hopes that it will make their job more convenient and adaptable. In the role as an instructor she also finds that she is a role model and mentor to newly hired staff members and current associates. The team of instructors work diligently every day to encourage and empower the staff. Since beginning in her role as a Carlton University instructor, Katheryn has found that her WOW moment has been how much she gets to learn from the associates. She is molded differently with each training she leads. She has the chance to have deep conversations with associates that challenge her intellectually. She laughs with them, cries with them but most importantly learns with them. She is privileged to learn about experiences and personal stories that pull at her heart strings. As Katheryn put's it, "It's wonderful to see such beautiful connections being made right before my eyes." Three words that she feels describe her best are; passionate, empathetic, kind.     Micki Thao shares with us her favorite quote by Norton Juster which is "It's not just learning that's important, it's learning what to do with what you learn and learning why you learn things that matters." Micki is someone who is always eager to learn in a classroom setting but what she loves most about her role as a Carlton University instructor is the ability to learn so much from those around her. The best part about her role is the ability to also learn from new and veteran associates. There is never a day where she doesn't learn about something new. As a Carlton University instructor she feels responsible for embodying the culture of Carlton. Not only to educate those around her but to also inspire others to do the right thing through the Carlton commitments of love, honor and provide. She impacts those around her in so many different ways from an educational standpoint to a personal level. Three words that she feels describe her best are; honest, resilient and dedicated.   Veronica Pavlakis started with the company when she was 15 years old as a volunteer to obtain volunteer hours for high school. Little did she know that she would fall in love with Carlton's culture and how they view caring for our residents. She recently celebrated her 15 year anniversary with Carlton Senior Living and as she reflects on her time she has experienced many different rolls within the company. However, being a Carlton University instructor means taking those rolls and experiences to use them in leading our current and future associates to be the best of the best. By extending to them the knowledge and tools to not only give our residents the best experience possible but to ensure they have that same experience as well.Over the past three years of instructing she is so very grateful to say that she has experienced many WOW moments on a weekly basis. One moment in particular that stands out is being able to see one of our new hires use "Hand Under Hand" with one of our residents, a technique that we teach to our employees that encourages independence with our residents living with dementia and that can help soothe a resident when needed. As instructors, Veronica shares, "we teach all of our tools and techniques in a class room environment, so seeing the employees use what we teach them when they are interacting with our residents is a very special thing to witness." Three words that she feels describe her best are; energetic, passionate and full of humor! While instructing she has come across many different employees who have worked in this field for years, sometimes decades. Hearing or reading the responses they give after going through Carlton University is always so refreshing. It reflects how grateful they are that we have created an interactive program to help them succeed in their roles. Truly it is a confirmation that together we are all making a difference in our residents lives!   Kasie Wimmer still finds it hard to believe that this is what she gets to do for a living. The people she works with and works for are spectacular as individuals and together, they have molded her into a better professional, and a better person. Which is why it would come as no surprise to learn that the magnitude of WOW moments this role has provided Kasie with has been beyond anything she feels she could have ever imagined. One WOW moment that impacted her in a major way occurred during a coaching session in the field with a care partner who was struggling to figure out the best approach to provide shower support with a resident living with dementia. Kasie encouraged her to consider his past and present. Together they brainstormed how she might channel what she knew about this resident's career, personal experiences and preferences into a more creative approach. Due to this, the care partner was successful in her attempt to support the resident in this way-- when no one else had been! The associate was proud and optimistic, and Kasie had the honor of congratulating her on her creativity and success. In Kasie's own words, "acting as a Carlton University instructor means a responsibility to educate, empower, and motivate our newest hires and veteran associates to want to become the best versions of themselves for each other and for our residents & families. I have the honor of connecting with, and advocating for, so many incredible people on a daily basis and am sincerely and endlessly grateful. This role, and what it means to me, inspires me to work towards being the best version of myself as well. It's humbling and enlivening." Three words that she feels describe her best are; passionate (for better or worse), dedicated (to the program and to the company) and inspired (to inspire others to become pioneers in their positions, and our industry).   Sierra Penfold is a recent addition to our Carlton University instructor team and she has found that in her role she has the opportunity to positively impact all of our associates, which in turn positively impacts our residents and families and even further in return. She loves that she gets to remind our associates how smart, creative and powerful they are. She has had quite a few WOW moments since starting on the team. She has even had residents sit in on some of her Veteran Training classes and approach her after expressing their appreciation because even they learned some new tools or tactics to implement when talking to or working with others. One thing that she consistently loves seeing is the “Aha” moments that come from others. When they get it, the smile they give when they KNOW the answer, when you see them feel empowered. As Sierra shares in her own words, "I love the bond that I get to have with all of our associates, each one is so different. I learn from them every day, and it has definitely made me a better person. I love that Carlton has created this platform for everyone to learn, grown, and better themselves." Three words that she feels describe her best are; passionate, happy and positive. She LOVES what she does and LOVES the company she works for. She feels thankful to come to work and do what she does every day. The associates, our residents, our community and everyone else in between fuels her passion! She never thought she would end up where she has, but she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Sierra loves being present for life and seeing the good in all that she can. She loves to remind people how wonderful, strong, and smart they are. How often do we hear that we are doing a good job or someone is proud of us? Probably not as often as we should, so why not be the person that spreads that?   Eric Demuth is another recent addition to our Carlton University instructor team. To Eric, being a Carlton University instructor means ensuring all our staff, across the board, are provided the opportunity to ask questions, feel supported, and get both quality and consistent training each time we see them. Since starting in the role Eric has found that his WOW moment has been meeting the teams in all our different communities and seeing their longevity and eagerness to learn. Three words he feels describe him best are; funny, compassionate and a good listener. In Eric's own words, "even after more than five years with Carlton, I still love and look forward to going to work. The energy and enthusiasm of the people I work with is amazing and unparalleled!"       We would like to take a moment to thank our Carlton University Instructors for sharing with us their personal thoughts, accomplishments and success. All that they do individually and together as a group to further enhance our associates knowledge by providing hands on training and support throughout their on-boarding and career with Carlton is appreciated. It is no doubt that their unfailing commitment and support for our associates and residents is a true reflection of Margaret Mead and her famous quote:  "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Read more