Values that shape the Carlton culture

At Carlton, we’re guided by a unique set of service principles, based on our fundamental commitment to love, honor and provide a safe and pristine environment for our residents. We strive at all times to act with empathy, compassion and understanding, while demonstrating value and respect to seniors and their families through exceptional service, enthusiasm and integrity.

Family heritage

Carlton Senior Living started as a family owned operation more than three decades ago, and several members of the founding family are still actively involved. Since the beginning, we have considered our employees, residents and their families as part of our own extended family.

To maintain that vital sense of family connection, we conduct semi-annual care conferences with each resident’s family to review and assess their changing needs. We schedule monthly family brunches and provide residents with extra meal tickets to encourage their family and friends to visit and enjoy time with them. Each Carlton community also hosts an annual barbecue dinner for residents and their families.

Personal choice options

We want our residents to be happy, and one way to do that is by making sure our communities’ lifestyle programs fit the needs of residents, not ours. This philosophy of personal choice and independence is especially evident in our dining programs, our resident-driven selection of leisure activities and our á la carte service offerings and pricing.

At Carlton Senior Living, residents choose what they want to eat from an ever-changing menu that includes seasonal options as well as all-time favorites. Our “personal expressions” activity programs are designed around residents’ own interests and hobbies and, as a result, no two Carlton communities’ programs are exactly alike. Then there’s the á la carte pricing, which allows residents to pay only for the services they actually use.