alzheimers-care-san-jose-carlton-plaza-san-joseIf you have a family member that is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, then you understand the difficulty in taking care of their needs. This is why getting the proper Alzheimer’s care San Jose residents can trust starts at the Carlton Plaza.

The Carlton Senior Living San Jose offers more than just memory care services for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, but also provides excellent independent and assisted living as well. This integrated community of residents, staff and medical personnel offers a warm, inviting atmosphere for anyone who either has reached the age to take the next step in life or is in need of special memory care services.

The Services of the Carlton Senior Living San Jose

There are a number of reasons why so many have chosen to live at the Carlton Senior Living San Jose. One of the most obvious is the stunning location in beautiful Silicon Valley which not only provides the beauty of the natural surroundings, but also proximity to the many restaurants, shopping and entertainment experiences that so many residents can enjoy.

In addition, there are many amenities that the Carlton Plaza provides for their residents as well to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

  • Restaurant Style Dining
  • Carlton Café Open 24/7
  • Room Service for those Temporarily Ill
  • Weekly Housekeeping and Laundry Services
  • Apartment Maintenance
  • Control of Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Step-in Showers for Added Safety
  • Utilities, Electricity & Garbage Services & More

In addition, there is a licensed, vocational nurse on staff who is in charge of the health management for the residents which includes distribution of medication and other medical necessities as well.

Alzheimer’s Care San Jose Services

For those who are in need of memory care services, the Carlton Plaza offers some of the best in the region thanks to our advanced treatment system. Here, there is special treatment that includes music therapy for example which stimulates the mind and creates an overall healthier, happier resident. In addition, there are other treatments and services which are designed to keep the mind as healthy and active as possible.

By utilizing the latest in terms of overall treatments, the services providing by our center help residents in need of Alzheimer’s or dementia care live healthier, happier lives that are more active and engaged. We understand that by addressing the symptoms through healthy mental stimulation, the result will be a resident who is more aware of what is going on around them.

Why Choose the Carlton Senior Living San Jose?

There are many reasons why the Alzheimer’s care San Jose residents trust can be found at the Carlton Plaza, but the truth is that our center offers complete care for individuals in different states of health. From those who live independently to those who need a little assistance with their daily lives, the goal of our health center is to see that everyone enjoys every day as much as they can. We believe in creating atmosphere of warmth and love by treating everyone with dignity and respect which is why so many have chosen the Carlton Senior Living San Jose.

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