Alzheimers Care San Leandro Senior Checking InWhen your loved one is diagnosed with something such as Alzheimer’s caring for them can turn into a nightmare. There are many things that you will have to take into consideration such as helping them with all daily living, including cooking, cleaning, bathing and medication management. All of these responsibilities could become overwhelming for you as their care giver. Not only will the responsibilities become overwhelming but your relationship with your loved one will become strained. To get help with your loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s you will want to consider sending them to Alzheimer’s Care San Leandro because they can offer them the best care possible.

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Alzheimer’s Care San Leandro can offer you’re loved one twenty four hours a day personalized care. This type of care is from highly trained and skilled workers. Not only will they receive the best nursing care but they will also get house keeping, laundry service and even nurses or staff members that will escort your loved ones to medical appointments if you can not go with them.

Our staff to resident ratio is very high. Each of our staff is assigned a certain amount of residents but not too many so that your family member gets the best care possible. Due to the fact our staff is not assigned to many residents each resident will get more individualized care and personal attention. This makes our residents feel better and helps us to make sure each resident gets the best care they deserve. We also offer quarterly review with the family to keep the family members up to date with the care of their loved ones.

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Not only do we offer state of the art care but we offer our residents plenty of opportunities to be around other people so they can socialize with others. We offer group activities and individual activities so that every one stays busy and have something to do. To help keep your loved on socialized we offer them room mates in their rooms to minimize them being alone.

Each of our rooms has plenty of storage space so that all of their belongings will fit somewhere and still be nice and neat. We also offer patios and a landscaped area for your loved one to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

You will no longer need to worry about your loved ones because they will be in the best of care possible and you will be able to visit as much as you want and when ever you can.