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Independent Living & Assisted Living | October 28, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

Why Assisted Or Independent Living Trumps Living Alone

Why Assisted Or Independent Living Trumps Living AloneIt is important to distinguish between the ‘traditional’ nursing home and assisted living options. Many different communities have a myriad of amenities. There are many reasons that seniors prefer assisted living or independent living communities over living alone. These are a few of the most important reasons why that might be the right choice for you or your loved one.

Reason #1 – Far More Socialization

Living in an assisted living community surrounded by other people your age is far more social than being alone in your home. As we get older, people no longer have to work and have fewer social contacts as a result. With these living facilities, you do not have to spend time being social, it just occurs naturally.

Reason #2 – More Physical Activity And Mental Stimulation

Just because people become older does not mean that they should become less active. Many of the facilities offer strength and endurance-building workouts that are catered to senior citizens. This includes anything ranging from gardening to water aerobics. This can help people remain active and help prevent arthritis. An active body is a healthy body.

Reason #3 – It Can Be Less Expensive

People often assume that an assisted living community is going to be expensive – and it is certainly not free. However, if you have a fixed income, a family home can be costly as well. Think of the traditional wear and tear of the house, a leak in the roof, or temperamental appliances – all of them cost money. Even though a living community represents an investment, it certainly offers you a great deal of value for your money. Read Cost Advantages vs. Staying Home for more information on this topic.

Reason #4 – More Security

There is something very comforting about knowing that your loved ones are surrounded by qualified professionals who can take care of them. Especially when you work with one of the better available options, you can be sure that your loved ones receive quality treatment.

Getting The Best Options

If you want to learn more about the different options that you have available, we highly recommend that you visit a Carlton Senior Living community near you. Here you will be able to find a number of different options that all provide the highest level of care.