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Independent Living & Assisted Living | May 31, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

Move Out Survey Comments

Move Out Survey CommentsCarlton Senior Living conducts surveys for all residents who have moved out. If we do not get an opportunity to meet with the resident or their loved ones before they leave for the survey, we send them an online Resident Satisfaction Survey. We conduct a “Move In,” “Annual” and “Move Out” survey. This assures that our residents have the optimal experience from start to finish at Carlton.

Out of the 55 people who have filled out this move out survey, 100% would recommend us to a friend.

Here are our most recent move out survey comments:

“Thank you for all the care for both me and my mother. The Carlton staff on the best, weather it be care, dining, or maintenance. Thank you to the Administrative team for helping us financially. I really hate to leaving but the unfortunate has happen. I will miss everyone Mander and his staff and all the wonderful entertainment, the Personal Care team and most of all Patricia coming through the dinning room sing a happy song ” Did you ever know your my hero”, the joy, laughter and all the smiling faces, I will miss Jay stopping by just to say Hi how are you today. Always A Friend!”

“I want to say thank you to one of the most awesome team and staff I met in along time. I work with people and it not a easy thing to do. But the management team and staff at Carlton San Jose make it look so easy. The staff in the care department are so well knowledge,caring and supportive. This was by far a hard decision to make in moving my mother. The care was far beyond my expectation, so with teary eyes and broken hearts we needed to move Mom. Thank you Jay for going over and above to help, we so appreciate everything you have done for us. Jennell, Jenifer, and their staff was amazing with the tender care they give to Memory Care and all the residents, it take a special kinda person to do the work they do so I say Thank you. And Ms.Patricia well there isn’t many word that can describe her, she is a God sent angel. The smile and kind words she share with all of us are priceless, she turns a bad day into a sun shining day! when you think that all is lost and life is hopeless she make you fell like you’re the only person in the world when she stop what she doing to just lessons. It help you make decision that are seemly hard to make seem easy. Thank you Patricia mother will miss you the most.”

“Carlton Plaza has been my dad’s home for the pass three years. He went from being very independent to you memory care unit. You staff are priceless, they are very knowledgeable, very caring and patience . They not only took care of my dad but our family as well. Thank you to Jennifer, her staff and most of all Patricia. Patricia has been there from the begin when dad’s first day at the Carlton. He had a difficult time adjusting to his new environment and we thank God for her. No way we could have done this with out her redirecting dad in a way we were comfortable in leaving him at the Carlton. Again thank you to a awesome Team of caring people.” R.H.

“My Mother has lived at the Carlton for 14 years and she love being there it was as she often said my home and my family. The Carlton staff has become my family as well, they took very good care of my mother . I thank Patricia for all ways being there for my mother, me and my wife. The time and love she gave to us word can not express the gratefulness we feel in our heart. Thank you Carlton Family We Love You! And will be ever grateful!”

“Overall the people that work at the Chateau are very hard working and conscientious. They were very nice to my parents and helped in many ways.”

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