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Independent Living & Assisted Living | July 2, 2013 | By Jonita Dixon

How to Adjust to Senior Living Facilities? Making Transitioning Easy

Moving into an assisted living facility is a major step in a senior’s life. The changes are both emotional and physical, which makes the transition even more difficult. But when the decision has been made, and you believe that moving into an assisted living community is good for you or your parent, finding ways to adjust to it is a good way to begin. Here are a few tips that can make the transition into a senior living community easier and your stay at the facility comfortable:

Get Familiar

How to Adjust to Senior Living Facilities? Making Transitioning EasyFor a smooth transition to a senior living community, it is important to know exactly where you would be living, and how you would be living. To put it simply, you need to familiarize yourself with the place that you’ll be residing in. Before you move in, you would have a chance to visit the facility. At such a time, take a good look around and interact with the staff. Get friendly and see how it feels. If you are comfortable with the people and the ambiance at the senior home, chances are that you’ll get adjusted to living there easily.

Go With an Open Mind

The idea of leaving your own home, to live in an assisted living facility, is not very appealing. But when you realize that living in an assisted facility is good for you, it is important to stay optimistic about the idea. Senior living communities can be fun, and extremely comfortable, provided that you are ready to take it as it comes. This does not mean you adjust and suffer at a senior home with poor facilities. Choose a good senior living facility; visit it once, twice or any number of times to see if you would be comfortable there. Once you finalize on one, move into it with an open mind.


Living at a senior home would be very easy if people you like and enjoy spending time with are around you. The key to staying happily in a senior living facility is to meet new people and make new friends. Senior living communities often have social events and activities that allow the residents to interact with each other. These events usually involve activities like playing group games, dancing and singing sessions. Be an active participant in these events to have some fun and also make good friends.

Personalize Your Space

Seniors moving into assisted living facilities miss their own home, and long to go back to their old habitat. When you cannot go back home, make your home where you are. To make the senior apartment feel like home, take personal belongings like photographs, medals and other decorative items that you are fond of.

Stay in Touch with Family

Moving into an assisted living facility need not change your ties with your family. You can keep in touch with them as often as you used to, back when you were at your own home. If your parent or an elder has just moved to a senior living facility, then as a caregiver or a child, you should keep in touch with them and help them alleviate their homesickness. At the same time, give the elder the space they need and avoid being overly protective.

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