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Independent Living & Assisted Living | October 17, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

Steps to Finding the Best Senior Care Community

Steps to Finding the Best Senior Care CommunityIt is reasonable that we all want to find the best possible place for our loved ones to stay after retirement. Finding a quality senior living community is important when you want to eventually make this new location your home. Because the stakes are high and the decision is a hard one, you want to make sure that you are making the right choice. These are the best ways that you can narrow down your options and come up with the right community for you.

Determine Your Budget First

The first thing that you need to figure out is how much you can afford. You need to take a moment and do the math. If you are unable to pay for a community, it does not matter if it looks perfect or if you would rather never spend a day there. Remember that assisted living is an expense that you have to start saving for early. Look at what you can cover in monthly assisted living costs.

Look Through The Options

Even though assisted living is about money, the resources that you have available are often free. You can find out a great deal of information online, most of it without having to spend a dime. Some of the information that you want to find out about includes the following:

  • What specialized services are offered
  • What’s available in your price range
  • What residents have to say about their experience
  • What amenities are included at each community
  • Pictures of the common areas, grounds, rooms and more

You want to make sure that you find the option that matches up perfectly with the needs of your loved one. Take one or two ‘deal breakers’ that are going to sour you on any living community (meaning that these are the most important factors for you) and go from there.

Take A Tour

A website is one thing, but you want to make sure that you experience the community before you are signing up for it. You need to visit together if you really want to get a good feel for a particular community. You would not buy a home without a walkthrough, you would not buy a car without taking a test drive, so why opt for a senior living option without a tour?

When selecting a senior living community, we hope you will consider Carlton Senior Living and we invite you experience our communities for yourself my taking a tour.