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Independent Living & Assisted Living | November 18, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

Tools To Assist Seniors Who Experience Tremors

Tools To Assist Seniors Who Experience TremorsThere are around half a million seniors who struggle with Parkinson’s disease (PD), according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). One of the primary symptoms for people with this neurological disorder is tremors. Daily life tasks can prove to be quite difficult when these seniors have no control over these shakes. Fortunately, it is possible to promote healthy living despite these symptoms, thanks to many helpful tools. These are a few of our favorite examples:


Tool #1 – Switch Enlargers

People who have tremors might have a hard time manipulating switches. Both arthritis and Parkinson’s disease can lead to weakness of your fingers and a hand, which makes turning the dial on a lamp and flicking a light switch a rather painful experience. The enlargers can fit over the existing knob or switch and makes it far easier to turn your light or lamp on and off.

Tool #2 – Gripware

People who have these shakes might find it difficult to hold onto larger items. Seniors might drop full plates of food on the floor or spill beverages. These grips (specifically designed for seniors) help to prevent these types of spills. Dishware with high sides can help prevent food from falling off.

Tool #3 – Altered Silverware

Eating takes more hand/eye coordination than most people realize. Picking up a spoon or a fork is going to be difficult for people who have arthritis joint pain or have tremors from Parkinson’s disease. This special silverware may have batteries or weights that make each spoon, fork, or knife counteract the natural tremors of the person who is holding it.

Any Other Adjustments

It might be difficult to zip up a pair of jeans or button a blouse if you have these shakes. Slip-ons or Velcro might be good options if your loved one experiences difficulty with shoe laces. The key to assisting people who have tremors is making these simply daily tasks less painful and easier. You want to make sure that you acknowledge these physical issues without making the person feel weak.

Parkinson’s Care Programs

Carlton Senior Living provides personal care, on-site nursing and mobility assistance for residents living with Parkinson’s disease and other neuromuscular conditions. We also provide our staff with Advanced Caregiver Training, which includes additional training on how to care for residents with Parkinson’s and other conditions that frequently affect the aging population. Our caring staff provides exceptional care to residents with a wide range of needs while preserving their dignity and helping to maintain their independence as long as possible.