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Assisted Living | October 10, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

How Assisted Living Has Changed Over the Years

How Assisted Living Has Changed Over the YearsWhen looking for an assisted living option for oneself or a loved one, the term ‘assisted living facility’ conjures up a number of different feelings. In fact, the transition that you make to a new home can feel scary, uncertain, and emotional. However, few people have an actual idea of what assisted living is like nowadays. Knowing more about the different care options, amenities, and activities offered can offer peace of mind for many families.

The Changes We Have Seen

Many of the better assisted living options have taken steps to shift towards the consumer. This means that seniors (and their families) are more at ease with senior care communities. The stigma associated with nursing homes and assisted living options are certainly starting to diminish across the board.

The Importance Of Staff

The professionals at the community are going to determine the level of care that seniors receive at assisted living facilities. If you have good, forward thinking providers, you will have a better community.

Working Towards Community

This is about more than just providing a housing option, it is about building a sense of community. When we compare the traditional level of care to what is being offered today, you find that residents have the choice of hundreds of events every month. This includes family and social events. What we see is that residents have more options than ever before to enjoy themselves.

The Dining Options

This is also about building a sense of community through food options. When dining together, it not only creates a social atmosphere (which is beneficial for mental clarity and overall happiness) but equally important to ensure that seniors get the proper nutrients that they need.

A New Home

This is about more than just leaving your old home behind, it is not about being forced to move out of your current home, it is about finding a new home elsewhere. That is where the difference comes in many of the different assisted living options that we see nowadays.

Looking For Options

If you want to know more about what assisted living truly means in the best sense of the term, we recommend that you check out the options at Carlton Senior Living. We aim to love, honor and care for our residents with exceptional service, enthusiasm and integrity.