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Alzheimer’s Care | March 30, 2015 | By Jonita Dixon

Alzheimer’s Care San Leandro – Carlton Senior Living

Alzheimers Care San Leandro Serving SoupIf you or a family member has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it may seem overwhelming and scary and it is but that does not mean that your life is coming to a halt. A facility like Alzheimer’s Care San Leandro is the perfect example of an assisted living and care community for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

The Best Option – Alzheimer’s Care San Leandro

When dealt the news about having Alzheimer’s it is important to take in all of your options and to think about what is a viable option for both you and your family. Depending on the type or stage of Alzheimer’s it can be difficult to function on your own and it can be dangerous to live on your own. Many times individuals with Alzheimer’s suffer from spells of confusion and may forget where they are, who the people are with them, or where they are going. This can lead to people getting lost and having sometimes serious accidents and this can cause stress and agitation not only for the individual with Alzheimer’s but also for their family members. If you have a family member that has recently been diagnosed and is having difficulties living on their own then considering a care community like that of Alzheimer’s Care San Leandro is a great option. It can be difficult to care for an Alzheimer’s sufferer and it can also be costly when you hire a home caregiver which is why a care facility may be the better option.

Personalized Care – Alzheimer’s Care San Leandro

Doing your research prior to picking a facility is very important and you should consider everything they have to offer. Looking at the community as a whole as well as each individual program they offer is a great place to start. The Alzheimer’s Care facility at San Leandro offers a fun and calming environment that allows for the residents to live their lives to the fullest and to have the highest quality of life as possible. By having a small community it helps to lessen the confusion that someone with Alzheimer’s disease can experience and our staff is there to help them stay calm and to work through those episodes.

Every individual is different and their Alzheimer’s and symptoms will also be different from one person to another and that is why it is important to cater to every individual’s needs. There is no cure or Alzheimer’s disease but with the right environment and with care and support seniors can live comfortably and can have full fulfilling lives.