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Alzheimer’s Care | December 15, 2014 | By Jonita Dixon

Alzheimer’s East Bay Area – What You Need to Know

Alzheimer's East Bay Area Happy Senior WomanAlzheimer’s has been plaguing almost one-third of the elderly population since its discovery in 1906. No wonder, about thousands are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s every year, and it is increasing every single day. New methods are thought to halt the progression of the disease, but most of this management is largely experimental. One real challenge in a family member struck with Alzheimer is the total care that these individuals need, from grooming to eating. The responsibility and the cost for caring for a family member with the disease are huge and tremendously impact any household. Assisted community living for Alzheimer’s East Bay Area has changed all that.

What is Assisted Community Living?

Assisted community living has been changing how people with Alzheimer’s view the disease as well as those seniors who need some assistance in their activities of daily living. The individual, together with his or her family members and other people going through the same problem work together and are empowered to help patients and create an atmosphere suitable for the patients’ recovery. Alzheimer’s East Bay Area has been providing a therapeutic environment for senior living with Alzheimer’s disease with or without memory loss. Assisted community living is a process of addressing individual needs of elderly patients through assistance, health care aid and security management as they go about their normal daily activities.

A Home Rather than an Institution

An important area to be considered when planning to avail the service of assisted community living is the atmosphere that this refuge provides. The ideal place for the elderly is quite, reserved places that will make our dearest family member feel at home as well as a place that will allow for community involvement. Carlton Senior Living creates specially designed activities that will incorporate socialization and integration to other members of the community. Each of the activities is targeted to allow individual seniors and those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s meet their socialization needs. The recreation and community involvement will make them feel at home.

Highly Individualized Care

One of the best things about assisted living in Alzheimer’s East Bay Area is the individual treatment that they give to the residents. Each elderly experiences different health care needs because of the effects of aging, such as injuries that are usually related to falls. Carlton Senior Living conducts a regular health assessment to the members of the community to determine their health and security needs and will formulates care targeted for these needs. Most people with Alzheimer’s who have trouble in taking their regular medications are assisted by determining their level of memory loss and instituting program specific to this need.

Amazing Amenities

Assisted Community living not only provides an avenue for socialization but also offers an opportunity for the seniors to explore the leisure of free transportation, laundry services, recreation activities and hotel-like dining experience. Your dearest family member will feel increasingly engaged and at home.

The Right Home at Alzheimer’s East Bay Area

Carlton Senior Living assists senior and those suffering from Alzheimer’s achieved their optimum level of functioning and their community exposure needs. They provide exclusive services for seniors and provide them with the options to choose from different Carlton Apartments, each providing a unique experience to the visitors and the residents. Carlton Senior Living at Alzheimer’s East Bay Area is ready to serve you. Visit them now or call them at 1-800-227-5866.