Assistance League of Sacramento – Carlton Senior Living Sacramento

assistance-league-of-sacramentoOn Monday, March 7, 2016, The Darn Yarn Ladies, also known as the “Happy Hookers and Knit Wits” took a field trip to the Assistance League to see the new, much larger facility. They also got to see where their handmade products go. Carlton Senior Living Sacramento has been working with the “Senior Friendship” program for over 8 years. It was a fascinating trip and all were so pleased. They even served us cookies and lemonade. Audrey our Assistance League was a great host and we continue to look forward to our weekly knitting and crocheting projects.

(Pictured above are Megan Badger, BSW, Sarah Compton, BSW, Doris Maffi, Yvonne Goeman, Kathy Applebaum (volunteer), Marilyn Royce, PE Director, Barbara Carey and Yuri Takeoka.

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