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Carlton Senior Living Blog | October 3, 2014 | By Jonita Dixon

Assisted Living Contra Costa – What You Need to Know!

Assisted Living Contra Costa - Healthy Happy Senior CoupleFor seniors that need to take the next step in their lives, assisted living at Contra Costa in Pleasant Hill is the place they have been searching. Assisted living is not like a nursing home where it is expensive and limits your freedom. At Contra Costa, your freedom is preserved while your needs are being met by a trained staff that will help you with want you need and offer plenty of support as well.

In fact, the entire community can be described as a support center where your needs are met while your freedom remains yours. For seniors, this is a very healthy way of living that helps them get the most out of life.

What is Assisted Living? – Assisted Living Contra Costa

This form of living can best be described as a resort lifestyle where the needs of the residents are met while they have the freedom to choose what they want to do. This is possible in the apartment living where people are close to their needs, yet maintain the privacy that they desire.

Assisted living focuses around the needs of the seniors that reside within this apartment community. There are a number of services and amenities that are found within assisted living communities and one of the most important is health care. At Contra Costa, there is a licensed, vocational nurse that is present seven days a week to help with medications and other health needs.

In addition to the medical services provided, there is also an Emergency call service that operates 24/7 which means that if you are in need of help, all it takes is a simple call and it will be on the way. This type of support is often impossible at home because of the time and distance. Here, help arrives very quickly so that you can be treated as soon as possible.

The Amenities at Chateau III Pleasant Hill – Assisted Living Contra Costa

There are a number of amenities available in this community which the residents enjoy. The apartments themselves are well maintained with housekeeping, linen and laundry services just like you would expect from the finest hotels. However, there are even amenities present here that go above and beyond the treatment you would receive even at the best resorts.

Restaurant-Style Dining: You can enjoy dinner anytime you want with plenty of menu selections as well.

Fitness: Seniors can stay in shape thanks to the wonderful fitness program that is available at the community.

Transportation: Special events and appointments mean that seniors can use the transportation as provided by Contra Costa so they can maintain their health and enjoyment as well.

Events & Activities: There is always something to do thanks to the many different events and activities that occur on a regular basis.

Why Choose Assisted Living Contra Costa?

There comes a time in which taking care of ourselves becomes a greater burden that it interferes with the enjoyment of life itself. Assisted living offers a way to get the most out of life while having the things that need to be taken care of done by a trained staff.

This is why Contra Costa offers the best in assisted living by combining the personal freedom that we all enjoy with the valuable support of trained professionals.