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Carlton Senior Living Blog | September 12, 2014 | By Jonita Dixon

Assisted Living Davis – What to look for in a new assisted living facility

Assisted Living Davis – Facilities in Davis California

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For those who are looking for assisted living facilities Davis California either for themselves or their loved ones, there are certainly plenty to choose. The combination of the beautiful, year-round weather and the superb quality of the facilities themselves make this an attractive place to live.

What is an Assisted Living Facility?

This type of facility is not quite like a nursing home that offers full and complete care, an assisted living facility is much like living in a condo or large apartment community in which you have neighbors as well as assistance with from a professional, caring staff. For many residents, the assistance comes in the form of medication reminders, cleaning services, food preparation and other simple tasks that are handled by the staff so that their residents can live their lives the way they want.

But more than just the service itself, the facility is geared towards those who have reached retirement age which means that the apartments are built to serve the needs of their residents. Imagine living in a place where everything is tailored to your needs, yet you still have the same freedom to go where you want. That is what assisted living facilities Davis California residents really desire.

What to Look for in an Facility – Assisted Living Davis

At first, many of them may seem alike on the surface as they often provide similar services. However, the ones that are exceptional will stand out not only in the services that they offer, but in the care that they provide for their residents.

High Standards: You’ll want to ensure that the assisted living center is fully licensed and has certified personnel on staff, in particular any medical personnel that may be at the facility. A registered nurse is always important, but the staff should be fully trained and experienced to meet your needs.

Modern Facilities: Although having a new facility is certainly better than one which has seen better days, the important part is that the facility is meets and exceeds the standards set by local and state rules and regulations while offering the best in terms of cleanliness, functions and accessibility. This means that you should always tour the grounds before making your decision.

Location: Are you looking for a place that is the center of activities in the city, yet still offers a quiet, peaceful environment? While most assisted living facilities try to do both, you will want to check the location to be sure it fits your specific needs.

Of the many assisted living facilities Davis California residents are aware of, there is one that offers all of these advantages and many more as well. The Carlton Plaza of Davis is a modern facility with all the amenities which also offers a great location near the big attractions in the area while being a peaceful, quiet community. For those who want to start their search with the best, the Carlton Plaza of Davis is where to begin.