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Carlton Senior Living | November 21, 2014 | By Jonita Dixon

Assisted Living Elk Grove – Carlton Plaza Elk Grove

Assisted Living Elk Grove Happy Senior CoupleDo you live in California, and do you have aging parents or relatives? Do you want the best, safest, and most convenient senior service for your elderly people? Carlton Plaza of Elk Grove Assisted Living Elk Grove is the perfect place for your elderly loved ones. It offers stellar senior service.

We are a supportive community, a senior center for independent living and assisted living. We deal with any kind of senior service. Some of our residents want to live on their own, independently, others want assisted living options (which means we help them perform their daily tasks), and we have residents who live with chronic conditions like diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We have licensed and qualified nurses, one of them is always available, at any hour of the day, to take care of our residents and deal with possible emergencies. Our nurses excel in diabetes management, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease memory care.

A Center for Independent Living and Assisted Living Elk Grove

We are prepared for respite care and for short term stay as well as long term stay. Whichever senior service option your elderly people choose, we will make sure that they are safe and happy under our roof. When your elderly people move in, we offer them move-in consultation, to help them adapt to their new home environment. Most certainly they will be quick to They will be surprised to see how they love their new, convenient lifestyle. They will have everything they are accustomed with, and we will keep their life smooth and hassle-free. If old persons got used to a lifestyle, they might not want to give it up – and they do not have to give up anything at Carlton Plaza of Elk Grove.

Carlton Plaza of Elk Grove, a senior center for independent living and assisted living, is located near the Nugget Market. The plaza has a large, beautiful garden where our residents can take a walk or meet each other. Our apartments are sophisticated and cozy. They feature private bathroom areas, with low step and roll in showers. Our residents have access to WiFi and cable television. They may receive room service. Our elderly people can control the heating or air conditioning of their respective apartments. We offer excellent senior service: apartment maintenance, weekly housekeeping and linen service, and personal laundry service.

The residents of Carlton Plaza of Elk Grove receive lavish breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They can choose delicious and nutritious menu options, even diabetic-friendly meals. They also can visit Carlton Café, which is open around the clock.

We always make sure that our residents are safe: we have emergency call system, and we have a qualified nurse available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

We want our elderly people to have nice golden years. Our senior service includes a customized Personal Expressions program, based on each resident’s interests and hobbies. We also organize Family Connection conferences where they can enjoy the company of their family members.