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Carlton Senior Living Blog | November 28, 2014 | By Jonita Dixon

Assisted Living San Jose – Stellar Senior Service

Assisted Living San Jose Happy Senior Couple In The ParkElderly people need safety. They need a comfortable, cozy nest, a stylish, pretty environment where they have their favorite spots, where people care about them. Probably you are busy with your job and you cannot afford to invite your elderly people – like your parents or close relatives – to your home. Carlton Senior Living can address your problem. Carlton Senior Living is a family owned enterprise that has eleven senior centers at different locations of California, so-called plazas and chateaus.

Carlton Plaza of San Jose – Assisted Living San Jose –  is an exclusive, private senior community where a professional staff takes care of elderly people. It is like a country club rather than a senior center. We want to make sure that they have a good life while living under our roof: we offer exquisitely furnished apartments and nice community areas like a spacious living room, equipped with big screen, a grand piano, and a stage for professional entertainers. We even have a wonderful garden with seating areas.

Probably your elderly people want to live independently in their respective apartment. It is very well possible in Carlton Plaza, San Jose. We also offer assisted living options. Some elderly people need a bit of help with their activities. We have on staff nursing, one of our licensed, qualified nurses is available twenty-four hours a day, seven times a week. Our nurses also deal with diabetes management, and they offer professional health care and memory care services to those who live with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We can provide respite care and short term stay as well as long term stay, so your elderly people can stay as long as they want. Our nurses are helpful, friendly, and polite, they care about each and every resident. Our senior service and assisted living care service are outstanding. Our new residents get move in counseling, so that we can help them fit in. After a couple of days, they feel like home: we have a cozy, warm atmosphere. We offer medication management, housekeeping services, apartment cleaning, personal laundry service, room service for those who do not feel well. We offer flexible transportation with wheelchair so that our residents can attend scheduled programs and appointments. They attend these programs only if they want to. They have all the freedom they need. We also have unique Personal Experience programs for each resident, optimized to their taste, preferences and hobbies. We have Family Connection conferences where our residents can meet their beloved ones.

At Assisted Living San Jose, we make sure that your elderly people are always safe. We have emergency room service and one of our qualified nurses is available around the clock.

We provide a variety of healthy and delicious menu options for our residents, amongst others, meals that are suitable for diabetic residents. Our elderly people have access to Carlton Café, 24/7. They can control the heating and air conditioning of their respective apartments. Their apartments have private bathrooms with low step showers.