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Carlton Senior Living Blog | March 11, 2014 | By Jonita Dixon

Assisted Senior Living: The Amazing Benefits of Music to Memory Care

Music Education And TherapyAs people get older, one of the functions that will be degraded is the memory. This is the reason why a senior living company should take steps in maintaining good memory care for their patients. Some of the common mental illness that seniors encounter includes Dementia and Alzheimer’s. These illnesses may seem simple, but the effects that these have on the patients and their relatives can be extremely devastating. In order to manage these illnesses, it is a must that the senior living company that they are living in creates activities that would help the patients enhance their memory.


Music for Memory Care

What most caregivers would notice about seniors is that they often sing or at least, hum a tune. This is so surprising given the fact that their memory is slowly deteriorating yet they are still able to sing a song. This is why a lot of senior living companies have decided to integrate music in Dementia Care. There are lots of ways on how music can help such illnesses.

For one, it has the ability to stimulate the mind. The most effective approach to memory care is one which is designed to tap into the retained capacity of the person who is experiencing memory loss. It highlights the strengths that they still have, drawing the focus off their weakness. According to various researches, the music is processed by brain in different areas. One good way to take full advantage of these simple facts is by incorporating music in the daily life of seniors.

The task of carrying out Alzheimer’s care can become pretty difficult. By incorporating music in these challenging times will make the process a lot more enjoyable for both the senior as well as his caregiver. Playing music will make the senior a lot more comfortable and relaxed when bathing. In addition to that, playing music in areas where most seniors usually frequent would create a smooth and calming environment, helping them reduce the stress and anxiety that may come with memory loss. The power of music goes beyond just conveying emotions and expressing pour feelings. It can also help in invigorating the mind, energizing the body and stimulating the mind.

Carlton Senior Living: Your Ally in Memory Care

Because of these amazing benefits, a lot of memory care facilities have integrated music therapy as well as music appreciation programs in the daily activities for the seniors. Carlton Senior Living is a senior living company providing care for seniors residing in the East bay of San Francisco Area. We have 11 assisted living and senior living apartments which offer the best senior care services in Elk Grove, Davis, Fremont, San Jose and many more.