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Carlton Senior Living Blog | July 5, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

The Best Smartphones For Seniors

senior-woman-using-smartphoneIt is normal for seniors to want to stay connected as they get on in age. However, most smartphones are notoriously difficult to operate for seniors. Especially in today’s fast-changing world of personal technology devices, it can be a challenge to find a smartphone that works for seniors who might be hesitant of the latest technology. These are three great options that might offer seniors the best of both worlds.

Option #1 – Samsung Galaxy Note5

While the Samsung Galaxy Note5 is not a ‘senior’ phone per say, it does have a large 5.7-inch screen and a unique ‘Easy’ mode that increases the font and icon sizes and also makes the home-screen much easier to navigate.

Once seniors have the ‘Easy’ function turned on, the home screen only shows the local weather, date, time, and six frequently used functions. By swiping left or right once, you access your favorite apps and favorite contacts respectively. While it might be expensive to purchase without a contract, it is certainly a good option.

Option #2 – Jitterbug Smart

This is an Alcatel smartphone filled with simplified user interface software and a rebranding. With a simple single-list menu on the home page and a high-definition touch screen, users are able to access apps and contacts very easily. There are a number of added health and safety features and convenient voice typing for texts and emails. It is also a possibility to change the data plan in accordance with the demands of the senior.

Option #3 – Doro 824 SmartEasy

Because of its simple software, excellent call quality, and Emergency Alert button, this has often been heralded as the best smartphone for seniors. The simplified design offers easy access to frequently used features, easy access to key contacts, and an uncluttered interface. It even includes a number of different tutorials that make it easier for seniors to start using the phone.

There is one-touch access because of the three physical buttons on the front of the phone. The aforementioned Emergency Alert button gives the senior the chance to quickly call a predetermined contact in the event of an emergency. This phone truly makes it easier than ever before to make calls and remain connected.