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Carlton Senior Living Blog | April 4, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

The Biggest Fears About Senior Living – Part 1

happy-senior-womanWhen it comes to transitioning into senior living, some aging parents might see this as a frightening prospect. The truth is that many of the biggest fears are often nothing to worry about. It is important to remember that we have reshaped what senior living really means. There is such a wide range of excellent assisted living facilities that these different fears can be alleviated.

“I Am Not In Control Of My Life – Or My Daily Activities”

Changing the way that we do things, letting go of the traditional habits of our daily lives, these are some of the realities of becoming older. However, it might require a major adjustment and it can be difficult to realize. It is important that we do not dismiss or diminish the concerns that our aging loved ones have.

The truth is that letting ‘go’ can be a freeing and necessary step for both aging seniors and their families. Assisted living might be a great option if caregivers cannot provide the necessary help and seniors are unable to care for themselves independently. The emphasis here is on security and safety – but privacy and independence are not far behind. A good senior living facility is going to offer help without compromising individual dignity.

“Strangers Will Not Take Good Care of Me”

The stereotype of adult children just dropping off their aging parents at the nursing home is just not true. The process of decision-making in relates to assisted living should involve the entire family. Especially in the first few weeks after their move, it is important to remember to keep regular contact. It is important that our loved ones will be taken care of.

A good senior living facility is going to be staffed by professionals who are specialists on senior care. This is not about leaving our older loved ones in the hands of “strangers”, it is leaving them with trained professionals who have chosen to care for aging loved ones because they are passionate about it.

“It Will Be Too Expensive”

It is true that senior living might seem financially daunting, but if you are already thinking about this now – chances are that you are ahead of the game already. With some financial help and some well-informed financial planning, you are able to afford senior living facilities on just about any budget. If you consider all the different factors, an assisted living facility might even cost less than requiring active in-home care.