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Carlton Senior Living Concord | September 21, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

Resident Spotlight- Ashok & Shaila Patwahrdhan

Meet Carlton Senior Living resident spotlight couple- Ashok & Shaila Patwahrdhan.

Ashok was born in Nagpur, India on July 21, 1937. He is the oldest of three boys. In October 1972 they moved to California for a new job since his last one had ended in New York. He got married to his wife on May 11,1961 in Bombay, India. They got married only a few weeks after getting to know each other and would not have it any other way. The had a big wedding with friends and family joining to celebrate the big day. They have 2 boys and a girl and appreciate when they spend time together since they are all not close by. They have four granddaughters and one grandson.

He had a wonderful career as a civil engineer and always knew he wanted to follow that career growing up. He got his PhD in Engineering and he really enjoyed learning. Shaila proudest moment was living in Russia where her husband earned his PhD degree. He taught engineering classes in India and had a good time with his students. He is part of a few organizations and has also formed his own nonprofit.Three words that would best describe him are smiling, reader, and witty. He would like to be remembered as a kind and helpful person. His proudest moments are when his family is together and creating lasting memories.The activity he is looking forward to Fantan for Pennies and Socials. Shaila is interested in the knitting group once she gets some free time. Ashook enjoys how everything is so close to the community and the home feeling it has. He enjoys spicy food and his favorite color is blue. His favorite music is Indian and classical symphony. His favorite movie is My Fair Lady. His favorite travel is Europe because of its art, culture, and food. It was nice learning the transit system. His favorite travel experience with his wife would be the many tours they did together in Europe. His favorite childhood memory would be the stories his father would tell him and how detailed they were. Ashok biggest fear is having a bad dream that is not true and biggest hope is for a better world. People would be surprised to know that he moved here because he always thought he would be aging at home. He knows Carlton Senior Living is a good place for him and his wife to be more social and making new friends. Before moving to Carlton Senior Living they were living in their own home in Concord.


Shaila was born on November 7, 1940 in Mumbai, India. She has three brothers and two sisters. Her first job was at a bank in India. Her favorite job was being a mom to her kids and seeing them grow up. Her advice to the younger generation of today would be to practice patience because it goes a long way. Happiness for Shaila is being with family and creating memories. Also she did not expect to stay in the United States this long she always thought she would live in India with her family but is happy with the family she has created here. Three words that would best describe Shaila would be enjoyable, pleasant, and friendly. She would like to be remembered as a loving mother. One of the activities she is looking forward to is Bingo and making new friends during socials. Her favorite food would be Indian food and ice cream. Shaila enjoys Bollywood music and her favorite sport to watch is Cricket. Her favorite travel experience would be whale watching. Her favorite childhood memory is going to the zoo in India. She has a fear of heights and hopes for happiness and good health. People would be surprised to know she writes poems. The most Influential person for Shaila would be her grandmother because she taught her a lot of good lessons that she implements in her day to day activities.

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Written by Melissa Alvarez, Personal Expressions Assistant at Carlton Senior Living Concord