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Carlton Senior Living Concord | November 11, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – James Weeks

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, James “Jim” Weeks – James was born on May 15, 1943, in Saint Louis, Missouri to Mary Kunz and James Weeks. His sister, Sandy Shy, now lives in Southern California, sisters Laurie McLean and Rose Mary Mayo live in Missouri, and his brother Richard Hoepfner now lives Tennessee. As a child growing up he always wanted to be like his dad, a hardworking man. His dad worked for the same company for 40 years which amazed him and learned the true value of work. Jim’s favorite childhood memory is living with his grandmother who he felt was the smartest lady and best cook.

His first job was at Western Union as a messenger. After James completed his orientation at the United States Naval Training Center (NTC) of Great Lakes, Illinois and first moved to California in 1962 as a Radioman (RM) for the United States Navy. As a Radioman, James specialized in communications technology. After his time in the service, he worked for the United States Postal Services for 32 years prior to retirement. James was married to Sheryl for twenty years and the couple raised two wonderful children together. Even after retirement, he held worked several different security jobs which gave him a sense of purpose and allowed him to keep busy.

James has always enjoyed exploring new places and the best traveling experience he had was driving with this family through California and Nevada. He now has four granddaughters who he enjoys spending time with whenever he gets the chance. One piece of advice he would give to the younger generations is to stay in school and get an education. James feels that it’s important to never stop learning because when you stop learning, you stop growing. When it comes to family, James feels it’s important to have good communication so that close bonds can be formed to support each other. If his kids had to describe him they’d say he was a firm but loving father.

The proudest moments for James were when his children graduated high school and when he became a grandfather for the first time. Being a grandparent has provided him the opportunity to see his children become parents and being able to enjoy every moment of it. Three words that best describe Jim are honest, determined and friendly and he’d like to be remembered as a good, hardworking guy. His biggest hopes are to live to be 90-years-old and to continue creating wonderful memories with his loved ones. He’d also love to someday take an Alaskan Cruise.

It’s James’ belief that happiness is about having a peaceful environment and enjoying what you do. An example of this is a man who James worked with at Fry’s – This fellow coworker was helpful and influential to Jim as he was always supportive and made sure Jim has whatever he needed to have a successful day at work. James’ favorite type of music is country-western which he gets plenty of at Carlton Senior Living Concord. Once he has settled in at Carlton Concord, he plans to participate in the casino outings and to keep busy in general.

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Written by Melissa Alvarez