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Carlton Senior Living Concord | April 1, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Jo Beck

CSL Spotlight Resident, Jo BeckMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Jo Beck – Jo was born on May 7, 1935 in Helena, Montana. Before moving to Carlton Senior Living Concord she was living in her own home for fifty-three years. On June 12, 1955 she married her husband Jack William and had four children three sons and a daughter.

She was part of different organizations such as Beta Sigma Phi, Phone Company Club, Baptist Senior Club from September to May. Her favorite scent is Christmas and bacon cooking over a campfire. Her favorite food is bacon, avocado, and tomato sandwich since she no longer can eat lettuce. She enjoys all seasons with different climate changes. Her favorite place to go to is Trinity Lake by Redding because she use to take her kids and now she gets the opportunity to create memories with her grandchildren. The family usually goes the last week of June and have been going camping for the past eighteen years.

One piece of advice she would give to younger generations would be to listen to one another. Her biggest accomplishment is getting married, having kids, and grandkids. A historical event she got to experience and brings her joy is seeing the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014. She loves all sports and cheering different teams on.

She would like to be remembered as a loyal person to her loved ones and hopes for peace on earth. She admires people that make a difference in the world such as Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, and The Kennedy’s. Jo does not really have a fear and chooses not to dwell on it either. Her proudest moment is making the move to Carlton Concord with her children helping her and spending a lovely weekend together, since two of her kids live in Washington State. She loved growing up in Montana till she was fifteen years old. Three words that describe her are inquisitive, hopeful, and helpful. You would be surprised to know at the age of nine she came to California alone on a train to meet her mom. Fun fact the seat on the train was so unsteady that it would rotate when it was empty.

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Written by Melissa Alvarez, photo by Suzette Marco.