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Carlton Senior Living Concord | November 25, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Juanita Erickson

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Juanita Erickson – Juanita was born on July 29, 1928, in Prairie, Oklahoma to Will and Edna Melugin. She was a “Depression Baby” and her family, which included two sisters and one brother, moved in with her grandparents with everyone in the household working in order to survive. She even remembers going to work with her grandmother sometimes. Juanita attended college in Kansas and growing up she always wanted to be a teacher, a profession which she enjoyed for 23 years. Aside from becoming a parent, her proudest moment was being selected most outstanding graduate at Northeast State where she majored in Speech and Drama. After college, she moved to Ohio for the next 40 years to be closer to her husband, Arnold’s, family.

She and Arnold were married for forty years and two years ago Juanita decided to move to California to be closer to her family. Her biggest accomplishment is starting the Literacy of America chapter in Ohio with a couple of friends. Also, being a mom of two girls and having 17 great-grandchildren makes her very proud. Her daughters would describe her as a warm and loving mother and her biggest hope is for peace in the world and for everyone to get along with each other. The person she admires the most is Eleanor Roosevelt because of her forward-looking philosophy and wisdom.

The most memorable birthday will be her 90th birthday party because she will get to spend time with a lot of her family she does not get to see on a regular basis and being able to experience her party with good health. Three words that would best describe her are smile, friendly, and kind. People would be surprised to know she belongs to the Daughters of the American Revolution through her father and she is also part of the Cherokee Tribe of Oklahoma. Her favorite sports team is the Cleveland Cavaliers and she enjoys classical, folk, and country western music.

One place she would like to visit is London, England to do a series of Shakespeare plays because she loves theater. See Juanita as she plays the part of “Rose” in this photo tribute: Remembering the Titanic: Residents Pay Tribute to the “Unsinkable Ship”

What she likes about Carlton Senior Living Concord is how welcoming and helpful the staff is here in the community creating a great environment for the residents. Happiness for her is the simple things in life and being in nature. Juanita wants to write a memoir for her family to know more about her childhood for her children and grandchildren. One piece of advice she would give the younger generation would be to learn something new every day because life is a continuous education.


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Written by Melissa Alvarez