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Carlton Senior Living Concord | April 15, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Richard Shaw

CSL Spotlight Resident, Richard ShawMeet Carlton Senior Living‘s spotlight resident, Richard Shaw – Richard was born January 22, 1943 in New York, New York. In 1973, he moved to the west coast when he purchased an antique shop in California. From there, he spent his career working in the hotel and restaurant business.

Richard is well-traveled and has visited 70 countries. Of the many places he has visited, Richard names Ireland as his favorite because the people were so friendly and were especially helpful with directions. He would like to continue traveling to explore new places and to learn about their unique cultures and histories. One country he would love to visit is Thailand so he could see the Golden Buddha in Bangkok.

Richard has two lovely daughters, Amber and Vanessa, and he would like to be remembered as being a caring and loving person. Three words that best describe him are interesting, supportive and talkative. He enjoys the company of others and is not at all shy. One of Richard’s favorite movies is “Titanic” because he had family members who were on the famous British passenger liner and survived the tragic sinking of the ship. Richard was pleased to share the intriguing story of his relative’s experience on Titanic during a presentation at Carlton Senior Living Concord. Read more about Richard’s interest in Titanic and his familial connection to the sinking of this great ship: Remembering Titanic: Residents Pay Tribute to the “Unsinkable” Ship

Richard’s favorite thing about Carlton is the friendly associates and being able to joke around with everyone. He also enjoys playing the Canasta and listening to classical music. He likes watching sports and his favorite football team is the New York Giants.

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Written by Melissa Alvarez