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Carlton Senior Living Davis | May 26, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

It’s Never Too Late to Shine!

Our Carlton Senior Living Davis community hosted their second annual talent showcase in which all residents are encouraged to bring an example of their hobby or craft, a favorite possession or even a good story! This showcase allows the residents to get to know their neighbors better and on a different level. For this years showcase there was a total of 10 presenters and approximately 28 audience members.

We are thrilled to showcase some of our presenters and a piece of their story shared or craft displayed. 

First off, Peggy Raferty shows off one of her collage paintings. Her primary medium is now collage however she used to do etchings. She is a very talented artist and has exhibited in galleries all over the Bay Area.

Next is Christina Frank who discussed her origami. She is quite prolific and does origami every morning in our cafe while she has her coffee.

Below, Audrey Shipley reads from her copy of Mother Goose Fairy Tales which she received as a gift in 1920.
Below you will find the image of Betty Telesford talking about her weaving talent on the left. She makes vests, one of which was modeled by our very own Personal Expressions Assistant Pablo on the right. 






Ken Freeman showcases below the model guns he carves. They are exact replicas of historic firearms and are made entirely out of wood. Next up, Greta Heinemeier talks about the Whitman’s Sampler box she brought to share. Her father gave it to her mother when he asked her to marry him in the 1920’s and still is in pristine condition today! 

Finally, last but certainly not least, Kent Gill tells a story below about getting hypothermia while hiking in the Sierras. He is a former president of the Sierra Club and a passionate hiker.
We extend a round of applause to all who showcased a story of their lifetime, a hobby or craft that they have mastered or something they cherish. We are in awe of your passion and spirit!
~Thank you from the Carlton Senior Living Family