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Carlton Senior Living Davis | April 7, 2019 | By Eric Demuth

Resident Spotlight – Bob & Gayle Doebert

Carlton Senior Living spotlight residents, Gayle and Bob DoebertMeet Carlton Senior Living‘s spotlight residents, Bob and Gayle Doebert – Robert “Bob” Doebert was born March 5, 1934, to parents Dorothy and Frank, in East St. Louis, Illinois, a continuation of the major city in Missouri, across the Mississippi River. Gayle was born December 12, 1938, to parents Eleanore and Nicholas, in San Francisco.

Bob and Gayle both attended San Francisco State University, where they met. The couple married after college and the two remained in San Francisco for several years afterward. Each worked part-time during college at Candlestick Park. Gayle was an usher and “the beer girl” for the radio announcers during San Francisco Giants games. She says, “they drank a lot, and always let me keep the change for what the beers cost, so I actually made quite a bit of money!” Gayle received her degree in teaching and became a ballet and jazz dance instructor. Bob didn’t quite know what he wanted to do for a living but knew he wanted to try many different jobs, “finding one that would stick,” as he puts it.

Among his vocations was working in a health club, at a winery’s tasting room, and teaching industrial arts. Bob is also a master gardener and still loves to get outside and play in the dirt, tending a tomato garden right here at Carlton Senior Living Davis. As Gayle put it: “He plants, and I clean up!”

One of Bob’s fondest memories is a 5-month long trip he took to Europe with some friends. They were able to travel all over the continent and Bob reminisces about how far you could get on five dollars a day. Bob also had the opportunity to play golf in Scotland’s St. Andrews Links, the “Home of Golf.”

Gayle loves to exercise and physical fitness and likes to see others get involved in the classes here at Carlton. Their favorite meals include fish, veal piccata, good ice cream, and Gayle loves chocolate candy. They have a daughter, Denise, who’s retired and lives in Davis.

When asked about a life philosophy, Bob states, “Search for something that makes you happy, and try different things.” Bob and Gayle both describe themselves as helpful to the people they meet. Bob most admires his parents for inspiring him to keep trying and not quit. Gayle admires their two granddaughters–Tara and Kelly–who work extraordinarily hard to achieve their goals in life. The thing they like best about living at Carlton Senior Living is the “wonderful and sincere staff!”

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Written by Eric Demuth