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Carlton Senior Living Davis | June 9, 2019 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Dan Julian

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Dan Julian – Daniel “Dan” Julian was born in the beach town of Santa Barbara, California on July 21, 1923, to parents Frank and Esther. He had three brothers and a sister. Dan has eight children; he and his first wife had three children together and his second wife, Doris, already had five daughters when they married. Dan moved to Davis from Berkeley after his wife passed away, to be closer to family. He moved to Carlton Senior Living Davis in early May, making him one of our newest neighbors.

Dan served in the United States Navy (Seaman 1st Class) during World War II. He initially tried to enlist when he was only seventeen, but his parents would not sign the paperwork. He patiently waited one more year till he was eighteen and spent three years in the military.

After the war, Dan worked in corrections. He served as a probation officer in the East Bay. He prides himself on being one of the most dedicated and hardworking officers in his station. He chalks this up to his drive and determination, as well as his ability to work with and befriend one of the top judges, Judge Richard Arnason. Dan was very keen on keeping people from returning to jail or prison.  He would go above and beyond to show that his clients were on the right track. On one of the last cases Dan ever worked, he was able to save a man’s life. He recognized that his client was exhibiting symptoms of a brain tumor and was able to refer him to a doctor for a diagnosis and surgery.  Helping people turn their lives around was extremely rewarding.  Dan believes that if you can do something for another person to help them function in society, you should do it!

Dan has traveled to Europe, the South Pacific, and Mexico. He especially loved his time in Mexico. While there, he bought a reconditioned Volkswagen van and had tons of fun driving it. Since there was a lot of theft in the area, Dan made it look like there was an anti-theft system in the van. This little trick kept his van safe from break-ins.

Dan likes traveling, reading, and writing. He loves art and especially enjoys being an artist’s model. He likes classical music, especially Johann Sebastian Bach. His favorite meal is a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and his favorite dessert is fruit from sunny climates.

Dan wants to be remembered as a someone who is thoughtful and kind. When asked about advice he would pass along to others, he suggests that people to always find a way to work with others. He most admires Judge Arnason, his former colleague. They worked in complete harmony to help those in need. Dan’s favorite thing about Carlton Senior Living Davis are the people, as they are all very pleasant

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Written by Ben Slade