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Carlton Senior Living Davis | October 20, 2019 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Dr. Bob Powell

Meet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Dr. Bob Powell, DVM – Robert “Bob” Powell was born August 14, 1939 in Grass Valley, California, to Delbert and Alma Powell. He had two older brothers, Bill and Bud. Bob says that he remembers them all being close. He recalls “screwing around in their yard,” where they had their own baseball diamond. When he was a child Bob loved animals; he had dogs, pigeons, and cats. One of his favorite animals was Boots, the Border Collie, who was born one year before him. He gave Bob a sense of safety. “When Boots was around, no one would pick on me… If a kid acted up and Boots was around, Boots would nail them.” Bob has lived in Grass Valley, Sacramento, and Davis.

Carlton Senior Living Spotlight Resident, Dr. Bob PowellBob attended C.K. McClatchy High School in Sacramento and has many good memories of his time there. One of Bob’s favorite things in high school was running track. He says his favorite thing about it was the finish line. He had the opportunity to be one of ten people to run hurdles in the California State Track Meet. There is a good possibility, he says, that he “was the third-fastest high school runner in the state. Maybe there is a little imagination to that, but I was pretty good.” He graduated from high school in 1957. After he graduated Bob went straight on to continue his education. He first attended and graduated from Sacramento City (Junior) College. He was then accepted to U.C. Davis. Bob put himself through all seven years of school. He said he, “always had a job and piled up some debt to go to school.” He graduated from UCD in 1964.

During and after college, Bob worked in Sacramento for Dr. Robert Mueller, DVM, for roughly seven years. Bob greatly admires Dr. Mueller, who was like a mentor to him. During his time with Dr. Mueller he paid off his college loans (early!).

Following his time at that clinic, Bob took out a loan and purchased a lot in Sacramento near Broadway and Riverside where he designed and built an animal hospital. With no clients, he and Gail opened one of the first “cats only” veterinarian clinics in Sacramento (and the country). At only thirty-one years old Bob would treat his clients with the utmost respect. His daughter Terri said, “he was always the last to raise his prices, and if there was an elderly person who could not afford the prices, he would not charge them.” Taking care of animals, and ensuring they have a healthy life, is vital to Bob. Even in now, in his 80s he wants to open another clinic, “I opened a clinic when I was younger, and I’ll open one in my 80s!” There have been two previous marriages in Bob’s life. One to a Gail Loraine and the other Barbara K. Although he is no longer married to either woman, he is still close with both. Bob has two children, Terri, born in 1958, and Brian, born in 1964. He has four grandchildren: Alex, Jenna, Sam and Ben. He recently got a rescue cat, Mari, who enjoys spending time with Bob in his room and keeping him company.

When asked about his favorite life experiences, Bob responded with, “in eighty years I have had many favorite life experiences!” He owns a condo in Maui and spent many trips vacationing there, he loved walking on the beach and hopes one day to return. He also enjoyed a visit to Japan. His favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream and his favorite meal is a Cornish pasty. As a child his mother would make pasties for dinner and there are still a few places in Grass Valley that have good recipes. Bob’s favorite thing about living at Carlton is the food. He absolutely loves the food here and has never had one complaint. There was one evening where we had a lobster feed; this was his favorite experience so far. Bob believes he has a good sense of humor. There is a decent possibility he “has an I.Q. of 250”, he is pretty sure that “in all phases of life I have known a lot of smart people, and I think I’m pretty smart, too. But who knows? Maybe I’m bragging.” Bob would like to be remembered as a good veterinarian, Christian, and father. He also wants to be remembered for his honesty; he tries not to tell lies. Some advice he would like to pass on to others is, “be honest… that’s the biggie.”

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Written by Ben Slade, Resident Liaison at Carlton Senior Living Davis