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Carlton Senior Living Davis | August 31, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

Resident Spotlight- Ernie Silva

Meet Carlton Senior Living Spotlight- Ernest “Ernie” Silva Jr. Ernie was born on September 29, 1930 to parents Ernest Sr. and Eva. He was born in a two-story water-tank house in Hayward, California, on the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay. Ernie was one of four children. He had one brother, James, and two sisters, Scharlene and Lorraine, who went by Dolly. He and his siblings were very close. He fondly remembers swimming together in an irrigation pond that his father built.

Ernie served in the Air Force for four years during the Korean War, reaching the rank of Buck Sergeant First Class. He completed basic training in San Diego and the Mojave Desert and was then stationed at George Air Force Base about 75 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

After leaving the Air Force, Ernie became a carpenter. Ernie and his late wife, Mary, had three wonderful children together: Cindy, Ernie III, and Scharlene. His son, Ernie III, lives in Davis and frequently visits his dad at Carlton. Ernie has lived at Carlton for two and a half years.

In his spare time Ernie was a pigeon trainer. He raced pigeons for the Hayward Pigeon Club. His favorite part about pigeon racing was winning! For a short time, in his mid-20s, he played the trumpet professionally. He continued to play the trumpet until about a year ago. He loves listening to jazz. One of his favorite artists is Harry James, a trumpet player and big band leader.

In high school Ernie was the catcher on his high school’s baseball team. He still loves watching baseball and watches many of the Major League baseball games. He roots for both the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s. Ernie also enjoyed cycling. There were no specific places that he would ride his bike, he just liked to go out and explore.

Ernie’s favorite food is either pancakes or waffles. His favorite desserts include vanilla ice cream, carrot cake, and apricot pie. He loves Coca-Cola (and sometimes a Coke float!) and a nice glass of chilled white wine. He loves the smell of flowers and enjoys simply talking to people.

Ernie describes himself as musical and as someone with a good sense of humor. He most admires his father, Ernest Sr., who knew how to do everything. Ernie’s dad had a twelve-acre apricot orchard and from the young age of twelve he helped his dad on the farm. Ernie loved working with his father, who was a genuinely good man.

Ernie’s life philosophy is to “take care of yourself and make yourself happy!”

Carlton Senior Living Blog Contributor, Ben Slade

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Written by Ben Slade, Resident Liaison at Carlton Senior Living Davis