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Carlton Senior Living Davis | May 13, 2018 | By Eric Demuth

Resident Spotlight – Jean Malamud

CSL Spotlight Resident, Jean MalamudMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Jean Malamud – Jean was born in San Diego to parents Sydney and Zelma. Her father was a printer, and print shop owner, who created, among other things, business cards and wedding announcements. Her mother was a bookkeeper, who in fact had to pretend she was older in order to get the job. Jean’s parents were also survivors of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fires that leveled the city. Jean has one sister, Ellen, who currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

She recalls fondly that during the period in time of her high school education, she was “lousy at sports,” and it was unusual for women to become involved in them, but the athletic coach realized the potential they had, and offered gymnastic tumbling. Jean partook in this, and it eventually led to the formation of a school team!

Although she has lived in Davis since 1993, Jean has traveled extensively, and lived in a wide variety of places including: Berkeley, California; Ithaca, New York; Lausanne, Switzerland; Feigères, France; Tucson, Arizona; outside of Chicago, Illinois; Irvine, California; Pullman, Washington; and Atlanta, Georgia.

During her freshman year at UC Berkeley, Jean was quite impressed by a physicist she met who had built a blinking-light circuit, and the two formed a relationship, which included rock climbing together, with trust given to Jean to be on belay (holding the rope, making sure he didn’t fall!). The two married, and subsequently moved to Ithaca, New York, where he worked as a post-doc. Jean enrolled at Cornell University, and earned her Bachelor Degree in Zoology.

His work and her education took them to various corners of the world, including their time spent in Switzerland and France.

They had three children together- Carl, Yvette, and Bruce. She also has two grandchildren, Becka, who lives in Oakland, and Nate, currently living in Oregon.

In 1993, when Jean moved to Davis, she worked as a comparative physiologist at UC Davis, studying, evaluating, and experimenting with the mechanisms and physiology of animals, generally using non-vertebrates in her laboratory. She also has a keen interest and passion for insects, which continues today, and wants to remind us that “all bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs!”

Some of Jean’s most passionate hobbies included rock climbing and camping, especially in the gorgeous Sierra Nevada Mountains and near Aspen, Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains. These treks also allowed her to focus her lens on another hobby, photography. Living within reach of an ocean for many years, Jean loves fresh sushi, and a slice of lemon meringue pie for dessert!

Jean says three words that describe her best are “small, yet determined!” She also says, “people have been very nice to me, and I try to return the favor.”

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Written by  Eric Demuth