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Carlton Senior Living Davis | May 7, 2019 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Keith Conning

Carlton Senior Living Spotlight Resident, Keith ConningMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Keith Conning – Keith was born on March 16, 1941 in San Francisco to Daniel Ralph Conning and Veda Young. He has one brother, Ralph Stanley Conning, who is five years older. In addition to San Francisco, Keith has lived in Berkeley, Bainbridge, Maryland, Colorado, San Ramon, and then finally here at Carlton Senior Living Davis. Keith has visited many countries in both Europe and South America. He spent six years in the United States Air Force as a Cadet and Airman 3rd Class.

Keith and his late wife, Marian Barr Conning, had three children together. He is a grandpa to five wonderful grandchildren. Keith taught in the Berkeley Unified School District for thirty years. He worked at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School and Berkeley High School. One of Keith’s favorite parts of working for the school system was coaching track and field. Keith has many awards and plaques lining the walls in his apartment highlighting his time as a coach and teacher.

One of the most notable moments in Keith’s life still makes him laugh. He took a hiking trip in Switzerland and went all the way to the base of the Matterhorn. Keith was excited to take a beautiful picture but there was one problem. There ended up being so much fog that seeing the mountain was nearly impossible! Keith also conquered California’s highest peak, Mount Whitney. That time he was able to see the top.

Keith is all about living life to the fullest. His life philosophy is to help others and this inspired him to become a teacher. His career allowed him to teach and support many people. He would like to be remembered as someone who will always lend a hand and gets along with all different types of people. When asked about advice he would give to others, Keith believes that it is important to form relationships with diverse people.

Running was pastime for Keith, especially when he was a coach. This is one of the reasons why you will usually see him at Carlton’s exercise activities. His favorite type of music is classical orchestra, such as the San Francisco Symphony. If you were to give him the option to watch any movie it would be the 1981 film Chariots of Fire by Hugh Hudson. His favorite dessert is strawberry ice cream. Keith pointed out that our wonderful waitstaff, Elvia, always knows to bring him a bowl at dinner. A meal that he favors over most is a nice, juicy rib eye steak. He always enjoys the smell of grass and the ocean. These remind him of track and cross country and fishing with his dad on the beach.

He describes himself as helpful and as someone who will always follow through. He most admires Martin Luther King, Jr. for his what he stood for how he took risks to fulfill his dreams. Keith believes one of the strengths of our society is our acceptance of many different personalities, ethnicities, and religions. His favorite thing about Carlton Senior Living Davis is how professional everyone is. He appreciates that all the employees are trying their best to help the residents.

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Written by Ben Slade