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Carlton Senior Living Davis | April 5, 2018 | By Eric Demuth

Resident Spotlight – Peg Arz

CSL Spotlight Resident, Peg ArzMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Peg Arz – Peg was born on February 11, 1923 in Buffalo, New York, to parents John and Margaret. Her dad served in the US Navy, and her mother raised her and her three brothers. Her father passed when she was a young age. Peg fondly recalls her relationships with her brothers. One entered seminary school at the young age of twelve and eventually became an Army Chaplain. Another brother would treat her to shows and take her out, and once bought her a stylish pair of white gloves to wear.

From Buffalo, Peg moved to nearby Orchard Park, where she attended eight years of Catholic school. She recalls how strict the nuns were! Peg worked for a department store in sales as her first job, and also worked for a telephone company.

In 1950, she married her fiancé, Richard. He worked as a pressman, making comics for print. He was offered a job in Oakland, and elected to move the family, including 2 ½ year old son, Richard, out to the West Coast. They had another son, Greg, born in Walnut Creek, who now lives in Davis.

Peg held a job at JC Penney for about seven years designing and making clothes with the latest fashion materials to display on the mannequins. After the displays were done, she got to keep and wear what she designed!

Peg says she’s grateful the hard part of her life was over early on, and that after she was married it was a breeze. She likes to help people, and says that her advice to others is to always be honest. She likes bowling and pinochle, and the happy hours here at Carlton Senior Living Davis.

She enjoys music from the 1940s, lasagna for dinner, and anything for dessert! Her favorite movie is “Gone with the Wind.” About the Carlton, she says, “The friendliness of the staff and the excellence of the food are my favorite things!”

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Written by  Eric Demuth