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Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill | February 28, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

Colette & Roger’s Secret to Love

The Ricard’s
Established in 1955

“Paris is always a good idea!” ~Audrey Hepburn

Roger and Colette first met when he was working on her parent’s farm. For Colette, she recalls that when she first saw Roger it was certainly love at first sight, she knew all along he was the one for her. She said “I’m going to marry him.” Colette, unlike traditional relationships of their time, took the lead as the woman and said I love you first. Roger always felt that he didn’t want an American girl and after meeting Colette and falling in love he knows that he was the lucky one and destined to meet her.

Roger took Colette’s hand on vacation in December of 1954 to propose. They were married the next year in July 1955 in Lyon, France. Together they have learned many things about one another but without a doubt they both believe that together the happiness they bring one another has made their lives better.



Colette shared that while they were married on July 2nd she wasn’t able to be in the United States as a citizen until later on. Once her U.S. visa papers finally came together she boarded a ship, however that ship was unable to finish the journey of getting her to Roger. She transferred onto a plane that had to return to Paris due to a leak and fuel issue. Somehow, she was able to board another plane which finally and successfully got her to San Diego, California where Roger was eagerly awaiting her arrival. The day she finally arrived to meet her love, ironically enough was February 14th, 1956! For Colette she still blushes, to this day, sharing this story. In her words, a “young married couple who hadn’t seen each other for seven months meet again on Valentine’s Day!” of all days. Unlike most couples, the Ricard’s don’t celebrate Valentines Day on February 14th but rather Colettes arrival to the United States and back into Roger’s life.

Their secret to a lasting marriage is to always have patience with your significant other.