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Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill | February 17, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Pablo & Adelaide’s Secret to Love

Pablo & Adelaide Chavez
Established 1948

“Family is not an important thing. It is everything.” ~Michael J. Fox

Standing by your significant other, throughout life’s entire journey is a foundation for Pablo and Adelaide Chavez. Since meeting in 1948 their connection has blossomed as they recall fondly coffee dates that were rich with conversation and what we would consider now, more than affordable coffee, at only 10 cents a cup!

Adelaide and Pablo were both motivated individuals who sought after fulfilling education landing them in careers that would leave lasting impacts far beyond retirement.

For Adelaide, after graduating from Weslyan College in Illinois and moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico she worked at a Presbyterian Mission School called Menaul. It was there that she taught Home Economics and also held the role as their Director of Kitchen.

After graduating from Menaul High School, Pablo took on a job as Dorm Supervisor where he lived and attended the University of New Mexico, studying Civil Engineering.

They were married at the Menaul School Auditorium on December 26, 1951 by the president of the School, who was also a Presbyterian minister. Befitting of the strong and independent spirit that Adelaide is she opted to make her own wedding dress and the travel suit for her Honeymoon that she still has.

Since meeting and marrying they have both strongly felt for each other and that love has only grown. Family has remained a consistent and important part of their lives as together they raised five children and have since enjoyed seeing their extended family grow with marriages, grandchildren being welcomed and most recently great grandchildren!

Pablo worked for an engineering firm with projects all over the world but didn’t take overseas assignments himself until the children were older, keeping in mind the importance of family.  Before he retired he worked on projects in California, Idaho and Argentina.

Similarly, Adelaide waited until the youngest son was in high school before going back to get a Master’s degree at the Pacific School of Religion and pursuing a career as a counselor/trainer/educator with Battered Women’s Alternatives which focused on helping women escaping and surviving domestic violence situations.

Adelaide and Pablo believe that having patience, understanding and putting each other first are the key aspects and secret to their long happy married life.