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Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill | March 10, 2019 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Ed Rorke

Carlton Senior Living Spotlight resident, Ed RorkeMeet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident, Ed Rorke – If you haven’t met our new resident, Ed, you are missing out on a lot. An Irishman by birth, he was raised in Dublin, Ireland. At around the age of 26, he moved to the United States for a job with US Steel Corporation where he was an engineer. Ed studied at the University of Colorado Denver and completed his grad studies at UC Berkeley in Business Administration.

Ed is a proud graduate of the Piedmont Police Academy and has also taught business classes at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill. According to Ed, he is the Mayor and Deputy of a small island called Ballena which is located between San Francisco and Alameda. He has proudly held these positions for the past 15 years and would be happy to show you the badge he has to prove it. Just be on your good behavior…

Ed served in the US Air Force for four years during which time he learned to fly. In fact, his enthusiasm for flying rubbed off on his three sons; one son is a captain of United Airlines, another has his own plane of which Ed is his co-pilot and another son flies for Air Petrol in Sacramento.

Carlton resident, Ed, and racehorse, TaraIn his younger days, Ed enjoyed playing soccer and rugby. Later, he took up tennis and golf. He also raised a horse named Tara who raced at Golden Gate Fields two times. Ed has always kept a busy schedule: He was a member of Sequoia Country Club, Lake Merritt Breakfast Club, and Rotary Club of Oakland for 45 years, the Sheriffs Retirement Club as well as their Athletic Club.

Ed enjoys talking people, loves the exercise program and social activities at Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill.







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Written by Wayne Volkar