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Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill | November 24, 2019 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Roger Bondi

Carlton Senior Living Spotlight Resident, Roger BondiMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Roger Bondi – Roger was born and raised on a farm in Kansas City, Missouri. On the farm; he raised mainly tomatoes and cabbage. As a kid, he played baseball, horseshoes and other sports when he wasn’t working on the farm. Farming was his life until he moved to Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill.

Another passion he had was finding old or odd things that caught his eye and turn around and sell it for a little profit to help make ends meet. He loved to hustle his treasures. He especially was on the lookout for old guns. He still has some of his favorite hats. You can always find him wearing one of his favorite hats. He also takes pride in dressing nice. He also enjoyed gambling and was pretty good at it. but when he started losing, he gave it up because in his words, “I couldn’t stand to lose.” He also worked as a mechanic working on cars and his farm equipment.

We thank Roger for serving our country for four years as a Merchant Marine. He is looking forward to a trip with his daughter for two weeks. Family is important to him. He has two brothers, three sons and two daughters. As Roger says, “home is home”. He enjoys it here at Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill community and says it feels like home to him.

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