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Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill | July 7, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

Resident Spotlight- Will Shotwell

Will ShotwellMeet Carlton Senior Living Spotlight resident, Will Shotwell! Will was born in Bloomington, Indiana. As he grew up he was always on the move. His dad was a trouble shooting manager for the Jewel Tea Company and was constantly being transferred. Altogether, Will ended up going to thirteen different schools all over the Midwest States before he even entered into High School!

His dad was also a teacher, so Will was taught how to read at the young age of three. Will can recall that there was always a volume encyclopedia and dictionary at home to study and when he wasn’t busy studying one of those he was reading the newspaper to further his knowledge. In fact, when he arrived to a new school he had to take a placement exam and always scored 97% or above. It would come as no surprise that Will went on to graduate from Jr. High at the age of 13, from High School at the age of 16 and from College at the age of 20! Throughout High School and College will appeared in multiple plays and remained active in various sports such as baseball, basketball, tennis and ping-pong. He went on to attend the seminary Southern Baptist in Louisville, Kentucky.

His first job was a loader for a food company. He learned to balance a 100 lb bag on each shoulder, which wasn’t bad for someone who only weighed 118 lbs at that time. He has fond memories as an Assistant Pastor going to nursing homes. Throughout his career, Will was a Navy Chaplain during WWII, a professor of the new testament at Berkeley Baptist Divinity school for close to 11 years and before retiring he worked for student affairs as a Student Advisor for graduate students at Cal Berkeley. During his time at the seminary he was a teaching assistant in music and speech. At the USO he and his future wife Betty met, Will sang Bass and Betty sang Metso. They would later be married and would celebrate 74 beautiful years together. From their love, the family grew; Will has two sons, two grand daughters and four great granddaughters.

Will isn’t done yet, he is currently working on a book titled, “The Man Jesus.” He has about 6 chapters done and will probably end with a total of 10 chapters when it is completed. We look forward to his new book. In the meantime you can catch Will and his friend Piano Player Jack, playing piano and singing at Downtown Pleasant Hill for Happy Hour!