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Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove | November 3, 2019 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Ron Charles Willis

Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Ron Charles WillisMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Ron Charles Willis. Every-so charming, Ron was born in Fresno, California and raised in Sacramento. He was married twice; first in 1961 for about 16 years, they had 2 kids together named Jennifer and Michael. Ron and his second wife Gerry, who recently passed, were married for 46 years. Ron has two stepchildren named Jennifer and Jeremy and has a total of 7 grandchildren.

Ron had several careers over time: He was an ordained Southern Baptist minister, a senior staff member for the United States Congress, he was a lobbyist at George Washington University and a private lobbying consultant. He loved everything about the several roles he played in his life, especially being able to talk to legislators about bills and felt like he was making a difference for the people. He once spent five years on a bill, trying to persuade legislators for assistance.

Ron has traveled to many countries around the world. He fell in love with Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Out of all the traveling destinations, his favorite is Vietnam. He thought it was so beautiful, especially the old buildings that are still standing, considering that most of the old buildings were wiped out by the bombings. Ron’s hobbies are writing, music, and, of course, as many know already, dancing. He once wrote a book called “A View from the Streets” that was about his time going after runaways in Haight-Ashbury. Ron also wrote song lyrics for a dear friend of his.

The best ways to describe Ron are deep, critical thinker, existential, and honest. Some advice from Ron to new residents is to celebrate your life to the fullest, enjoy being in the present, and don’t be shy. There is plenty to do at Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove; it is just a matter of choosing what you like to do. Ron’s favorite thing at Carlton is everything! Ron enjoys the music, dancing, and wine. Most importantly, he is relieved because he doesn’t have to worry about so much and his family is happy. He loves the social environment, joyful staff, and the friendly residents.

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