Stephanie Brice Recognized as CALA Advocate of the Year

Executive Director of Fremont, Stephanie Brice, Recognized as CALA Advocate of the Year

Carlton Senior Living is pleased to announce that Stephanie Brice, Executive Director of Carlton Senior Living Fremont, has been named as CALA “Advocate of the Year”

The California Assisted Living Association (CALA) advocacy group focuses on representing communities which provide personalized care to their residents while promoting choice, independence and dignity. The advocacy group represents its members before California Legislature, Department of Social Services (DSS) Community Care Licensing Division and other state entities who are involved in the development of senior living policies. As a CALA advocate and Executive Director of Carlton Senior Living Fremont, Stephanie Brice has educated legislators and fellow citizens on the beneficial impact Assisted Living has on the lives of senior residents.

CALA hosted their annual Assisted Living Advocacy Day on April 4, 2018 in Sacramento where they presented Brice with the award of “Advocate of the Year” and issued the following statement:

“Stephanie Brice, CALA’s 2017 Advocate of the Year, has participated in multiple Advocacy Days and Days in Your District. She has used those opportunities to build a relationship with her legislators. Last year, her community had the opportunity to host Assemblymember Kansen Chu. Stephanie has also take the opportunity on several occasions to present CALA’s Voice of Assisted Living presentations to local groups such as the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters International, and Citizens for Better Community. She has also sent letters to her legislators on specific bills at CALA’s request. Stephanie believes that the work all of you are doing today, building those relationships with your legislators, is helping to shape the future of Assisted Living.”

Carlton Senior Living congratulates Stephanie Brice for being named CALA “Advocate of the Year” and applauds her efforts in advocating for assisted living communities and their residents.