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Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill | February 13, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Dale & Abby’s Secret to Love

Dale and Abby Faust
Established 1959



Ryunosuke Satoro famously quoted…
“Individually, we are one drop, together, we are an ocean.”






For most of us we couldn’t have imagined or planned the way we would meet our significant other or soul mate. That is often the definition described when someone feels they have been touched by “fate.” For Dale and Abby Faust the two of them were at the right place at the right time when fate brought them together. Dale had been invited to his Naval Chief’s neighborhood barbecue where Abby happened to live. They both, unknown to the other, planned to attend and met through mutual friends.

For Dale it was love at first sight he describes that he just felt something inside that told him Abby was the one. It is no surprise, knowing this, that Dale was the first to say I love you. For Abby she describes that although it wasn’t love at first sight for her she knew quickly after they got to know one another that Dale was the one and she realized she couldn’t conceive of a life without him.

They went on their first date, to see the movie “South Pacific” in 1958. A little unknown fact is that Dale’s naval ship and crew were actually in the background during one of the scenes in the movie! It took less than a year for Dale to pop the question and he proposed to Abby at the Kelly’s Drive In near Pearl Harbor. They were married in August of 1959 in the original Pearl Harbor Naval Chapel.

Although they both love the Hawaiian Wedding Song they unfortunately were unable to use it at their wedding. They agree that life, since bringing them together, has only gotten better. Their beautiful love has blossomed as they welcomed three terrific children into this world. They have celebrated 58 years of marriage and counting and continue to feel grateful for having been there to support one another throughout life’s journey.

According to Dale and Abby the secret to a lasting marriage is two important components; friendship and patience. They have exemplified that love, true love, that is meant to be, will conquer all things that life can create for a couple to endure.