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Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill | June 24, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Bobbie Rose & Her Centenarian Celebration

Meet Carlton Senior Living‘s spotlight resident Bobbie Rose ­- Barbara “Bobbie” Sharp was born in San Francisco, California on June 21, 1918. Her father worked for PG&E as an electrical engineer and ran the powerhouses in a small town near Towle, California. Bobbie was an only child. She attended school in Christian Valley until fourth grade and then moved to San Jose where she would remain local for the next 40 years. Bobbie graduated from high school and went on to San Jose State University where she met her husband, Hugh Rose, in accounting class. They were seated alphabetically and were sitting next to each other. Both graduated college, Bobbie with a general Business Degree and Hugh with an Accounting Degree.

CSL Spotlight Resident, Bobbie Rose

Bobbie Rose recently turned 100 – read more about her birthday celebration below.

In 1942, Hugh was drafted into the Army as a Private and was sent to North Carolina for training where he became a Finance Officer. The couple was married in 1943 and three months later, Hugh was sent overseas for three years. Hugh eventually worked his way up from Second Lieutenant to Captain. Meanwhile, Bobbie was living at home with her parents while working at Food Machinery Corporation in the accounting department, a company that began manufacturing Water Buffalo Tanks to aide in the war efforts.

When Hugh returned from the Army in 1946, the Roses’ lived in Santa Clara for 18 months before buying a house in Los Gatos. Hugh took a job with the Dole Cannery Company in San Jose where he worked for 25 years. In 1965, Hugh and Bobbie bought property above San Andreas and in 1970, Dole sold their operation to a new cannery in Modesto where Hugh continued to work for the next five years. The couple later moved to San Andreas where Hugh built the home that they would share together until 2013. When Hugh retired in 1975, the two began traveling with their RV and spent many winters in Yuma, Arizona. Aside from traveling, Bobbie has many hobbies including knitting and different kinds of crafts.

Sadly, Hugh’s health began to fail due to dementia and macular degeneration. During this time, Bobbie was also suffering from a bout of pneumonia and was hospitalized. Thankfully, Bobbie’s niece provided much needed love and support to both she and Hugh during this difficult time. Hugh’s health continued to decline until his passing. After six month or more of recovery, Bobbie health finally stabilized and in 2013 she decided to move to Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill to be closer to her niece.

Bobbie kept her house in San Andreas until a 2015 wildfire consumed her home along with everything in it. Despite everything, Bobbie continues to stay positive and busy with her many hobbies and enjoys playing Wii Bowling, Rummikub and Mahjong with friends.

Bobbie has also been looking forward to her 100th birthday for many years and so the Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill community jumped at the chance to throw her a beautiful summer-themed “centenarian” celebration.

Resident and Personal Expressions Team Member

Bobbie Rose, the guest of honor

Carlton residents and associates eagerly awaited the arrival of the “guest of honor.” After making a grand entrance, Bobbie was adorned with a tiara and sash to commemorate the occasion.

Bobbie Rose, Carlton's newest centenarian

Everyone enjoyed a festive sing-along with an amusing selection of birthday-themed songs, dancing, appetizers and, of course, birthday cake.

Senior residents dancing

Bobbie was also presented with a beautiful arrangement of flowers compliments of the management team at Carlton Pleasant Hill while the Personal Expressions team presented her with 100 pink and white roses to celebrate Bobbie Rose’s 100 amazing years. Once the party concluded, Bobbie declared that it was a birthday celebration she will never forget.

Celebrating 100 Years

See more photos from Bobbie’s birthday celebration on the Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill Facebook page.

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