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Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill | May 6, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Peter Vittori

CSL Spotlight Resident, Peter VittoriMeet Carlton Senior Living‘s spotlight resident, Peter Vittori – Peter was born in the small town of McCloud in the Shasta Cascade area of Northern California in 1917. His parents were Italian immigrants and Peter’s father worked as a miner for gold and coal in the mountains there. He was one of six brothers and sisters, the third born. Later, the family moved to Oakland and then to Emeryville, California.

In high school, Peter was a star football and baseball player and also ran track. He met his wife, Ardel, at Emeryville High School, they became high school sweethearts and married shortly after graduation.

Settling in Emeryville, Peter and Ardel had two sons, Ramon and Gary, who also attended Emeryville High and excelled in the same sports as their father. The family loved to go camping, boating, and water skiing at Clear Lake in Lake County. Peter worked as a firefighter and became Fire Chief of Emeryville.

Sadly, Peter’s wife Ardel passed away when she and Peter were only middle aged. He eventually met someone special, Bernice and they were married in the late 1960’s. They had a 46 year marriage before her passing in 2015. They lived at Summerset, an active retirement community for twenty three years before Peter decided to make a move to Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill after Bernice’s passing.

Following his retirement in the late 1970’s, Peter had time to pursue a sport he truly loves, golf. During his time at Summerset he played four days a week, often with his wife Bernice. His athletic achievements in high school sports also carried over to his golf game as he is renowned for his skill on the golf course. There was an article written about Peter in the year 2000 which highlighted his skills including his monumental achievement of shooting eleven strokes under the number of his age. Noted were golf games played where he shot a 39 on the Hillside and a 33 on the Diablo golf courses in Brentwood.

CSL Associates & Resident on Hug Day

Peter with Carlton Associates on “Hug Day”

Since his arrival at Carlton, Peter has been a friendly and charming addition to our community.  He is always ready with a smile and his quick wit to brighten someone’s day. Peter enjoys going for walks and is amazingly fit as the young age of 101. He also enjoys watching golf on television and movies. He will often be found in the company of his son, Gary, or attending parties or other family functions.

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Written by Mary Ann Ashby